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Another Cockblogging Wednesday

Well, well, well, looks like there are some proud cocks out there in blogland! ^_^ Good show boys!

I have another handsome guest cock for you this week – This time it’s the lovely Alex (submitted by Suze of Alex&Suze ) with his curious cock out of his trousers for a look at the world.

Is your cock sad because you sent me a picture but I didn’t post it this week? Not to worry! It will be posted soon. Tell your cock to be patient, my guest cocks will be posted in the order they arrived in my e-mail. ^_^

Is your cock feeling jealous and eager for some time in the spotlight? Send a picture to me(
[email protected] ) and he will get his turn.

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6 comments to Another Cockblogging Wednesday

  • doug

    Hello Shay, Thanks for visiting me! I have been to your blog a couple times, and found it interesting as well! I think I like it…… hehehhe! And you get to try out toys too……. wow, what a job that would be, did you get that position from the writing job at the Paper? {wondering to self how he is going to get on LoveDreamers’ list of “reviewers”… (“,) }

    I promise I will have more soon, I am still new to that side of expressing myself so far, and feeling a bit lost in my translation of getting it to come out rightly in texted formats…. my sarcastic and humourous sides are in my everyday blogs. Doug.

  • AlwaysArousedGirl

    Alex…you rock.

  • JStrap

    I hope that thing doesn’t go off!

    Shay, I’ve reviewed you. But I might come back in a bit and give you a bigger one when I’ve read more of your archives.

  • Biker & Teacher

    All I can say Alex is…YUM. Suze is a lucky woman.

    Thanks Shay

    The Teacher

  • Suze


    Not meaning to brag or anything and shhh don’t tell Alex’s boss but I’ve been lucky 4 times today.

    It’s just between you and me!

    The days not over yet.

    Suze X

  • Biker & Teacher

    The Biker and I also are up to four. UUUMMM. As The Biker says, “It’s just a horny _________.” (just fill in the day of the week). We had afternoon delight when I got home from school and I look forward to much more loving’ tonight. Maybe the Jacuzzi? Or possibly the pool!

    Are you up for a challenge Suze? :D

    The Teacher

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