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Vaginas Are Confusing

I went to the doctor today to have my cucci looked at. She was feeling as if she might be coming down with something – but my doctor assured me (and my doctor did seem to have done a close inspection) that everything looked extremely healthy. This got me thinking about how confusing and problematic pussies can be.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my little cucci.

She and I have had a lot of good times together. We’ve been through the hard times (^_~) and the dry spells – she’s suffered the results of some of my bad decisions, and I have suffered the results of some of hers.

Although we both enjoy a lot of the same things (at least, I seem to enjoy everything she enjoys), like any pair, we do have some communication problems from time to time.

For instance, sometimes I have already decided that it’s sex time; I’ve got my clothes off, I’ve got a willing cock “handy” – I’ve cognitively decided that I want to have sex, but, when I check with cucci, it turns out that she wasn’t paying attention, she’s not ready for sex time (even though *I* am).
What a pain!
Then I have to wait around while the tongue or fingers that came with said willing penis help to convince cucci that it is indeed a good time to play. (Not wholly unpleasant, I have to admit, but still a delay.)

Other times, it’s almost the opposite!
Maybe I’ll be fooling around with the owner of a willing penis, maybe watching a little porn with said owner, or maybe reading some sexy blog entries.
When owner of willing penis politely inquires if I would like to engage in some sort of penetrative sexual activity (or perhaps I will wonder myself) I occasionally find that, mentally I’m in the “I could but I don’t need it” sort of state.

Now, before I make a firm decision of yes or “maybe you should eat me out a bit”, I figure that I should let cucci have her say – and who better to ask her than the owner of willing penis!
I instruct him to check to see if she is up for it. (Which, to my mind, should work out doubly well because if he should find that she is not ready, then he is in an excellent position to do something about it.)

However, when cucci is delicately asked by a polite finger, it turns out that, although I had NO idea, she’s VERY ready. (Quite a nice surprise, but goodness! She could have told me sooner!)

Luckily there are many times where the two of us are totally in sync – something rather naughty may be whispered in my ear, and I can tell by the heat and swollen-ness from of the blood rushing into her – cucci and I are in agreement. ^_^

Just in Time for nearly naked Thursday – here’s a picture of me and cucci. ^_^

EDIT: I’ve replaced the original with a gorgeous watercolour version that Late Starter made

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17 comments to Vaginas Are Confusing

  • horny guy


    i’m in somewhat of in a similar position except with one minor difference. when im ready, its ready. when im not ready, its ready. lol never had the im ready, but its not.

    quite a few embarrassing moments when its ready but i wasn’t supposed to be.. :P

  • horny guy

    oh.. and nice pic btw..

  • Goose and Gander

    Yup. that about sums it up for me. Mine’s the same damn way.

  • AlwaysArousedGirl

    You are cute. And hot. Why aren’t you wearing your chocolate panties???

  • Ms Smack

    LOL excellent post… and yes, i totally agree.

    I think our cucci’s are related.

  • Lord & Ms C

    cucci…cute name.

    Miss C doesn’t have a name for hers, so for the purpose of this comment I’ll call it “penelope”…no, I’ll shorten it to Penny.

    I find that coaxing Penny out to play is alot easier than Miss C makes out. Often I ask, Miss C swhether she’d like to play. She can be a bit coy, however after a few minutes with Penny, Miss C is happy to accomodate and more than happy riding me cowgurl style, easily reaches climax.

    My advice…if you’re in doubt…trust Penny.

    Now, me and Dick Dastardly, oi, that’s another story…!

    (Happy NNT! – shucks, if only that pic were bigger – Dick Dastardly could have his wicked way! ;))

    Lord C

  • bedroomdancer

    Such a cute post! This happens to me too, as has been discussed on my site. I hate that. Sometimes at the most invonvient times my mona is ready and others, when my mind is ready to fuck, fuck, fuck! she’s like napping or planning a family gathering for the holidays. (Let’s see, I’ll make a turkey and a pumpkin pie, momma will bring the salad…) Very dry stuff that.

  • stretch td

    Cucci coo! Great pic. Thank you for participating … you are gorgeous!

  • Easily Aroused

    You and your cucci look extremely happy together…


  • matt

    any hints on what u were thinkin when u were takin that pic? ;)

  • Shay

    Wow! A record breaking number of comments for my blog!

    HG – “when im ready, its ready. when im not ready, its ready.” That’s hilarious!! I love that about penises!

    Goose and Honeysmack – I’m glad I’m not alone!

    AG – You’re making me blush!! Why no chocolate panties? Well I was saving them for our sleepover! (Actually, this is a fairly old photo too – in the full version you can see the hot, dark red, chin-length hair I used to have.)

    Lord C – “My advice…if you’re in doubt…trust Penny.” lol Unless she says “no” when *I* want sex, right? Lucky for me, she’s usually pretty easy to convince.
    Also – cucci isn’t the name of my pussy you silly boy! Cucci (say it like Gucci) is just a slang term for vagina – you’ll have to be extra good for me to reveal my pussy’s real nickname.

    BedRdancer – Oh! I thought that was your post that had mentioned this “issue” lol. Mona? that’s a cute name! Hey, have you ever had a weird flash of a task you need to do, right in the middle of sex?

    Stretch – Thanks!! ^_^

    EA – awww, you’re so sweet. Usually we are quite happy together.

    Matt – Glad you liked the pic! lol Too bad you can’t see my face in this, in the full version I’m looking down as if surprised to have found something like that in my panties! ^_^

  • bedroomdancer

    Shay, yeah, that was me with the sometimes uncooperative Mona. Always glad to hear I’m not the only one that loves sex but has to sometimes convince her parts to go along with it. (Thanks, yea, I think Mona is a clever name too, though husband and I don’t use it, it’s just something I thought of a while ago.)

  • Late Starter

    I’m really glad you liked the ‘watercolour’, Shay! I’ve learned that the key is in the quality of the original photo, so the fact that it came out so well is as much down to you as to me :o)

    LOVE your blog – original and light-hearted.

  • Cheeky

    Haha, what a great entry.

    Very informative hearing that from a womans perspective.

  • LadyLover69

    why are the woman that take the best pictures good with photoshop?
    great blog!

  • PrincessGerrie

    I like how you expressed the way you feel about your vagina as a relationship that you’re bound to have disagreements with. Nice =)

  • Chris

    I’d love to get to know your Cucci better, Shay. For some reason I keep thinking about her being just like she would be in a hentai…adorable but sexy. ^_^

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