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Toy Review - ilo Vibe!

Check out my Video Review of the Ilo Vibe from Eden Fantasys:

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Cockblogging Wednesday 204


It’s November!
This means I’ve made it at least half-way through the busiest semester of my life!

It also means the temperature is dropping and it’s time to get out your mittens!

Now, where did I leave mine?
There they are!
Hmmmm they seem to be stuck on something…


Hey everyone. This is my second CBW submission. Here’s a top-down view. Let me know what you think!

The CBW bank is running pretty low these days folks!
Send in your pix!!

Trick or Treat

So… do I get a trick or a treat?


Cockblogging Wednesday 203

So, the site appears to be back up and running acceptably well – something changed in my code and things got all weird and then a fix was made.
How’s that for technical jargon?

So Halloween is this weekend – have you got your costumes all figured out?
What are you going to dress as?!

I was feeling very stuck for a costume this year because I just haven’t had any time to come up with something creative.
Then, when I was in the shower this morning, I remembered THIS post!
Sometimes I’m so brilliant that I forget my own brilliance!
Can you guess which costume I’m going to do?

Speaking of Halloween…

It’s the last CBW before Halloween!

Okay, not THAT spooky, but I did use a jack-o-lantern as the cover-up.
Oh should I call it a Jack-OFF-lantern!?

Cocktoberfest 2010 - Closing Ceremonies!

After some pretty intense technical difficulties – we’re back!
Now let’s get to closing out Cocktoberfest 2010!

Ahhh one last beer to finish off another great season of Cocktoberfest!

Now just because you didn’t get around to sending in your pic for Cocktoberfest doesn’t mean you’ve missed your chance – we still have CBW every week and I always need pics from sexy gentlemen and ladies who are interested in showing off their stuff!

Just like this fine fellow:

I just love that little egg in this pic… it looks familiar somehow… ^_~

Now quick!
Finish your pint before the house lights come up!
(I hate it when the house lights come up – then you can see just how dirty the bar/club you’re in is.)

Toy Review - Rhythm O Triple Kiss

We’re still experiencing issues with uploading images,
but writing posts seems to be working now!
So while we wait for the long-overdue Cocktoberfest closing ceremonies, allow me to entertain you with a new toy review!

The Rhythm O Triple Kiss from California Exotics has a long name, but that’s because it has A LOT of features.  For instance: the entire shaft is lined with rotating beads, the shaft rotates at 3 different speeds, the clit stim has 3 nubs (hence the “triple kiss”), you can control the shaft rotation and clit vibration independently of one another, there are 7 fantastic vibration programs, AND, if you aren’t sure what you feel like, you can press the “hot” button and a random combination of shaft rotation and clit vibration will be selected for you!

The whole thing runs on 4 AAA batteries, and the shaft/clit stim are made of phthalate-free TPE.  It’s a fairly thick toy, so be cautious if you’re a smaller girl or are considering using this one for anal play.

What I liked:  I liked the depth of the shaft rotation, I’ve said before that rotating shafts sometimes make me nauseous, but this one was just fine. I also enjoyed the thickness of the shaft; I’m a smaller girl, but I find that I have no problem with thicker toys if I’m properly warmed up before I start using them.  I loved the vibration programs – there’s one that’s like a roller-coaster: the vibration builds and builds and builds and then drops away, and then builds and builds again..etc – very awesome!  I also thought the “Hot” button was a fun touch.

What I didn’t like: My roommate wasn’t home, so it wasn’t a big deal, but this is certainly not one of my quieter toys.  It’s better with the shaft rotation off (that’s always pretty noisy) though.

This toy would be great for: rabbit vibe enthusiasts!  It’s easy to use, has some excellent vibration programs; but it’s not terribly quiet, so wouldn’t be great for someone who needs to be sneaky with their toys.

Triple Kiss gets an enthusiastic 7 out of 10:

Stand By....

You might have noticed that we’re experiencing a few technical difficulties :(

Hopefully these will be sorted out shortly!

In the meantime – free sex toy?

Cocktoberfest 2010 - Day 6

You know it, I know it
There was no Cocktoberfest post yesterday.
There’s no point in trying to pretend that there was – no! there’s no point!
So just stop it.


Ok for reals
I didn’t posts a Cocktoberfest post yesterday because I didn’t want to detract from the important message about Scarleteen that I DID post.

On the plus side – this means that Cocktoberfest will last one whole extra day now!

So really you aren’t missing out
So you can stop being sad.

In fact I have today’s post ready for you!

Sheen here is looking so fancy that I felt like he needed a fancy beer to go along with him
What do you think?

Sex Education is Important

You may not know this about me, but I do a lot of work in my real life with sex education and promoting safer-sex practices (i.e. getting people to use condoms).  Some of you may even recall that The S Spot got it’s start as an educational sex column in a campus newspaper!

I feel that when you’re talking to someone about sex, you can’t just try to scare them with the facts about Sexually transmitted infections, HIV, and how accidental pregnancy will “ruin your life”; but a lot of sex educators focus on just that.

I remember one time when I picked up my younger brother from school, I asked him about his day and he told me that there had been an assembly about sex ed.  I asked him if he had learned anything interesting and if he had any questions about anything they talked about (figuring that he might be more comfortable talking to me, his older sibling rather than a “real” adult like mom or dad).  He did have a few comments about funny things the teachers had said and how uncomfortable many of them had looked.  Then he said, “I didn’t know that condoms don’t protect you from infections or AIDS”.

I was flabbergasted.  I pressed him for more details – there are some diseases that a condom might not protect you from (depending on where the sores/outbreak is occurring) – but I still wanted to know “what exactly did they tell you?”

My brother then went on to explain how the presentation had showed slides with microscopic views of condoms, revealing that they are full of little holes that might stop sperm but wouldn’t stop infection or disease transmission.  “So”, he concluded, “in that case, I don’t see the point of using them.”

I was stunned and very disappointed – not only had this “safe sex” presentation focused only on the negative risks (nothing about the positive things about having sex), but they had outright lied to these junior high and high school kids in an effort to make them even more scared of having sex.

Ironically, depending on how many other students left the presentation with the same attitude as my brother (“if condoms don’t protect me, why bother using them?”), they actually did MORE damage than if they had said nothing at all!

I took a detour on the way home so that I would have enough time to explain to my brother what was wrong with what he had been told at school that day.  I explained to him about how condoms work, why some girls are on the pill, what kinds of infections there are to be concerned about, what other forms of barriers exist, etc – anything I could think of that a young almost-man might need to know about the sometimes tricky world we live in.  But I also told him that the reason why he needs to know all these things about how to protect himself, is because sex is fun and when he meets the right girl he’s going to want to try it.  I told him that I wanted him to know these things so that when the time came when he wanted to have sex, he wouldn’t have to worry, because he would know what to do.  He would know that he should use a condom, where to get one, that buying them is nothing to be ashamed of, how to put one on – and then he would be ready to have fun.

Not every student who attended that presentation had a “cool” older sister who was willing to take the time to explain the correct information about birth control, STI’s, and prophylactics.  So what happens to these unlucky kids? Do they go out into the world having unprotected sex until they get infected with something serious?  Do they end up at university and read someone who writes a newspaper column like mine?   Maybe, once they’re older, they end up at The S Spot and find the answer to their questions.

Or, if they’re clever (and connected to the internet) they’ll find a site like Scarleteen!

Scarleteen is a pretty bad-ass site where anyone (though they cater to teens) can go to learn more about sex and to find support for their issues, concerns, and questions.  You can read more about them HERE. Scarleteen is the cool older brother/sister who is there to give teens honest and open information about sex – the negative aspects (like STIs) and the positive aspects too (like the fun – woo!).

The weird thing is, Scarleteen is the highest ranked online young adult sexuality resource but it’s the least funded!  Since the youth who need this site most are also the least able to donate, they are calling on people who CAN afford to donate.

What Scarleteen Needs: Last year, Scarleteen needed increased donations in order to get through the end of 2009 and into 2010, in large part because private donations for a few years previous had been so low and left us in a very financially precarious position. We increased our financial goals to reflect the need for a minimum annual operating budget of $70,000. Thanks to generous contributions from our supporters in response to that appeal, while we were not able to reach that level, we were able to raise what we needed to not only get through 2009, but were able to use the funds wisely to sustain the organization through 2010. Our goal now is to continue to work toward that annual operating budget. Ideally, we would like to see a minimum of $20,000 in individual donations each year to combine with funding from private grants. In order for that to happen, we need for current donors to keep giving, and we also also need to cultivate new donors.

This minimum budget is exceptionally cost-effective for the level of service we provide, especially compared to other organizations and initiatives whose budgets are far higher, including those which do not match our reach and our level of direct-service. If you would like more details about our budget and expenses, just contact us via email and we’ll gladly share that information with you.

A $100 donation can pay half of our server bill for a month, or half the monthly cost of the text-in service, or can fund any kind of use of the site, including one-on-one counsel and care, for around 10,000 of our daily users. However, we very much appreciate donations at any level.

If you can, support Scarleteen by clicking the banner below:

BTW, I do still answer reader questions – if you have a question about sex or relationships, feel free to email me about it.

Cocktoberfest 2010 - Day 5

Wow – Day 5 already!
We’re almost done with Cocktoberfest for this year so if you’d like to appear, you’d better get your picture in ASAP!

Now, the reason why I’ve used this particular beer for today’s pic is because this fellow reminds me of a friend of mine.
And this particular friend, whenever I am at his house for any reason offers me a beer.
And whenever I look inside his fridge there are at least a dozen (sometimes more) bottles of Bush beer in there!!