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Post-First-Time Questions

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“First off I should say that I’ve just lost my virginity now, (at 20 years old). It went fairly well but I still have a few questions.

1.) Is it common for girls to turn off the lights before [...]

But… Sex is SUPPOSED to Feel Good!

It actually took me a few tries to reply to this e-mail because I kept freaking out and had to try starting over when I could calm down again. I feel like this kind of e-mail really highlights the sorry state of sex education in North America:

“Well, I’ve been reading your blog/site for awhile now, [...]

Dealing With A Gag Reflex

“I just had a question about oral sex. Both me and my boyfriend are virgins, but I wanted to change that soon. I wanted to give him the surprise of his life on our upcoming 6 month anniversary. I feel I’m ready to make a sexual commitment (and extremely excited about it), but my mouth [...]

Reader Question – The Right Time

“I’m a long time viewer, first time poster. I need some advice really badly. You see, I finally met this boy that I really like and I want to get… more involved with him. I don’t think I’m ready for vaginal sex just yet but I want to maybe try some other things like anal [...]

Reader Question – Pressure for Penetration

“I write now to you in a somewhat desperate situation in need of your guidance. I have a gf and we have recently talked of getting “more serious” in our relationship. While it is something I want, I am a bit nervous because I am a virgin and she(while certainly not experienced) is not. Also, [...]

Reader Qestion – Bondage Ideas for Beginners

“Hi shay, Seems your always the best person to turn to in a time of need! My partner has been asking me what kind of things id be willing to do in terms of bondage stuff. I’ve looked through many websites and porn movies etc and cant seem to find something that would turn [...]

Reader Question – Advice for the First Time

“Hi Shay, My girlfriend and I are ready to have sex, since it is her first time and mine i was wondering. what positions would you recommend and any advice on how to make it enjoyable as a first time. I’ve heard it can be painful for girls the first time they have sex, do [...]

Reader Question – Introducing New Toys

“Hello Shay, I’d really like to start using some new stuff with my girlfriend, but the thing is how can I tell her without getting her mad at me? I read your toy review about the Kamasutra pleasure cream and got pretty aroused by thinking about using it… but again, how can I tell her [...]

Reader Question – Bedroom Jitters

“Hi Shay,

I recently had sex for the first time. Not that it wasn’t great, but I had a little bit of a problem. One I was really nervous, and two I have been told my whole life that it is wrong to have sex outside of marriage and that added to my nervousness. Because I [...]

How To Ejaculate – For Women

No April Fool’s Joke here, I figured that you’re all too smart and I honestly didn’t have enough time to plan something. ^_~ So I hope you don’t mind a nice normal post.

I’ve had a number of questions lately about female ejaculation (AKA Gushing), you can check out my original post about what female ejaculation [...]