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Cockblogging Wednesday 208

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It’s starting to snow where I live,
and I always like to celebrate the first day of snow with a nice warm mug of hot chocolate
(maybe with a little Kahlua mixed in, you know, for extra warmth)

How do you celebrate the first day of snow?

Looks like this week’s submitter is getting ready to type up his xmas cards in a pretty unconventional way…



If you’d like to appear in CBW – especially if you’ve got an idea for a holiday themed pic – be sure to send it my way!

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Non-Denominational Holiday Contest!

Shay-Claus is teaming up with the people over Eden Fantasys
to bring the sexy to your sexmas!

What am I talking about?
Why a Merry Holiday Contest of course!!

Complete with prizes that will for sure jingle your bells and innuendo any other holiday references you can think of!

Prizes like what?
Good question!

Remember when I reviewed the Lucky 13?  How about one of those?
Hmm but I feel like you’d also need an Eve
And how about some lingerie?

Yeah, that’s the ticket!

Alright, now I’m sure you’re wondering how you can have a chance to win one of these fabulous prizes.
Well, it’s very simple my dear readers.

Just leave a comment below telling me what aspect of the Holiday Season makes you feel sexy
I wanna know what and how/why!

You have until Dec 20, 2010 to send in your entry!

Cockblogging Wednesday 207

Well, the temperature is dropping into the below zero ranges
(if you’re American, to understand what I mean, just make up some number around 30 or whatever and picture that as a temperature)
Which means that it’s time to unpack the scarfs and mittens and toques!

Though maybe you’d like to see how Dick looks without a toque on? You’d better clickthrough then

On vacation at a naked sex resort, feeling tan!

I’m always looking for CBW submissions!  Don’t forget to send in your pix!

Toy Review - Sex A-Peel Vibe

Is that a banana in your vag or are you just… oh it is?
Well carry on then!

The Sex A-Peel Vibrator that my friends at Babeland sent me is about the size and shape of a real banana – well, a pink one.   The banana part is made of silicone and comes with a bullet vibe that you insert to turn it from a dildo into a vibrator.  The bullet runs on watch batteries (which, thank goodness, come already inside, with a slip of paper preventing the toy from turning on during shipping), and turns on and off with the press of a button on one end. Since the bullet is removable, it’s super easy to sterilize the banana between uses by boiling it or throwing it in the dishwasher (esp important if you plan to share with friends or use it anally as well).

What I liked: When I said I’d review this toy, it was partly because I thought it looked funny; but once I tested it out, I was REALLY impressed with how well the silicone banana transmits the vibrations of the bullet.  It does a fine job externally (on a clit) and a decent job inside (as a g-spot vibe) because the banana has a great curve.  The tapered tip of the banana is also great for user who might need to ease in toys – it’s not the thickest in my toy box, but I would say that it’s medium-ly thick.

What I didn’t like: Maybe I’m going about it wrong (but it’s such a simple toy, I’m not sure that’s possible), but I can’t get the bullet back out of the banana!  It might take some lubrication to get it out, but that’s kind of a pain.  Also, that little bullet is a little on the loud side.

This toy would be great for: someone looking for a unique toy.  I think this one is novel enough that a lot of toy fans wouldn’t consider buying this for themselves, but it does work well, so it would be a fun gift.

The Sex A-Peel Vibe impressed me, I give it a 6 out of 10:

PSA from Adult Film Stars

Crazy, it’s like they read my post about how the Porn industry is in a unique position to promote safer-sex…
and then kinda half-ass it – but STILL some effort is better than no effort!

Actually, I kinda take back the half-ass part, I really like that they brought up how porn actors are tested regularly (like, more regularly than the average person who tests themselves regularly) – with a lot of studios, they have to present a clean bill of health that’s something like within a month old to even be allowed to work.

CockBlogging Wednesday 206

Another lovely reader has come to rescue CBW with a submission,
CBW is safe for another week!

Gday Shay, I don’t usually have problems with awkward hard ons during the day but at night!  Picture it. You’re in bed trying to get a some sleep and about 3AM you get a boner that simply won’t quit!!!  Sure; I can beat it down (so to speak) but when you do that you are so wide awake that you still can’t get back to sleep for an hour or more.  So what’s a bloke to do? Lie awake and wish the bloody thing away (after an hour or two it DOES go away) or deal with it in more pleasant ways?  My lady is usually willing to ‘assist’ but this is not option at the moment because of medical issues. Hand jobs are a poor and messy substitute for real lovemaking.  So that’s my story which is seems to fit in with both your latest entries in your blog!

For the record – I much prefer the term “hard-on” to the term “boner”, so I appreciate that Oscar here mixed it up a bit.


Apropos of yesterday’s post, my friend Prospero spotted this comic:


Where's the Most Awkward Place You've Been Turned On?

Of course, everyone… or mostly everyone, knows that guys can get boners at the oddest times. Sometimes it’s merely a stray thought, other times, it’s nothing at all, and suddenly there’s a boner to worry about, often in a public place.

Guys have to worry about that on occasion, but do girls have anything that compares? Is there a female equivalent of an “awkward boner?”

As a side question, either for you or commenters, what is the most awkward place that you’ve gotten turned on and had to take care of business? Myself, it was at work, waiting tables. During a slow part of the day, after the rush had died down, all of a sudden I had to rush to the employee bathroom, or have to deal with a boner while attending customers.

Haha! I’m trying to think of a female equivalent to the awkward boner, but there isn’t really anything “springing” to mind. Women just don’t really have anything that “pops up” to announce our arousal the the casual passer-by (unless you count nipples, but those are usually concealed by a bra), we’re pretty sneaky I guess. ^_~

I like your question about awkward places to be turned on – I’ll put that to my other readers and see what they have to say.

I always get turned on in places where it would be difficult to sneak away for a quickie (like at group events or when grocery shopping), but I’m struggling to think of a situation that was truly awkward; then again, maybe that’s because I don’t get boners (since I’m a girl sans cock).

So, gentle readers – what say you?  Where is the most awkward place you ever been super turned on AND what did you do?!

Cockblogging Wednesday 205

Five Internet points to the first person to identify the plant this week’s submitter is hiding behind.
And a 100 Internet points to the first person who figures out how it (VERY abstractly) relates to the lecture slides I was just making about audition.

Eleventy Hundred points to anyone else who sends me CBW photos – my stockpile is running very low ladies and gents.

But anyway – on to this week’s submitter!


Hi Shay, Since you’re running low on pictures, I decided to send this one.  It’s a last attempt to enjoy the warm sun before the cold weather takes hold.

Porn Can be a Bit of an Ethical Grey Area

Hello there,

Like a lot of men, and an increasing number of women, I like porn.  Hentai is great, and so is the live action stuff. However, lately I find myself being more responsible for what I consume. I don’t spend any money, but a page view still generates advertising revenue, which means now and again I’m generating wealth for somebody even if the money didn’t come from *my* pocket. I don’t want to encourage unethical behavior, not even indirectly, for a matter as intimate and personal as a pornographic or erotic performance.

One of the things I don’t see discussed often in sex-positive (and porn-positive) circles is the very real possibility that the pornography industry is, well, unethical. I don’t mean the material itself; that’s a separate discussion. I’m talking about manipulation and abuse, mostly of women, many of them young (let’s face it, not all 18 year old girls really understand what they’re doing when they pose for the camera, or perform in a scene for that matter!). It’s difficult to untangle the evidence and opinions, though admittedly I haven’t tried very hard.

Then there’re health concerns. Now and again I hear noise in the industry about condom use during non-solo performances, for instance, but performers have repeatedly neglected that safety because consumers appear to prefer unprotected sex acts. That doesn’t seem right to me.

Any  thoughts, criticism, or discussion would be appreciated.

I totally agree with you – there is a lot of ethically fuzzy stuff going on in the adult entertainment industry.  I have heard interviews with porn stars who talked about how if a woman isn’t willing to do certain acts (anal, double penetration, etc) she’ll often have a harder time getting work with some studios.
Plus, once she decides to (for example) do anal for a particular film, the studio will expect her to do it every/any time and will keep upping the ante on what they want her to do next.

The whole thing with condoms is a pretty weird mess too.  The porn industry has the opportunity to encourage consumers to use condoms – all they have to do is lead by example.  If in all porn the actors used condoms it would become more and more normalized and the general public might be more interested in using them as well.

The shitty thing is, whoever is deciding what people want to see in porn, doesn’t think people will watch it if there are condoms being used.  But really, it’s not like they even stop the action to put on the condom in the porn films where condoms are used – like many of the “real” parts of sex, it’s cut out.
I heartily believe that if all the studios started having their actors use condoms, their business wouldn’t suffer at all.  But maybe I’m naive?

The whole porn/erotica industry is really one giant grey area – esp when you get into issues of dehumanization and derogatory treatment of women in a lot of porn.  There’s evidence that it’s pretty damaging to both men and women who watch it, but some men AND women say that it does turn them on – so things can get pretty confusing in that body of literature.

What about you, readers – any thoughts on this topic?