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This is a positive space where I talk about sex/sexuality, publish my toy reviews/guides, and post some pretty sexy images and videos. ^_^

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Archive for June, 2008

Lack of Natural Lube = No Sex? No Way!

“Hi Shay!
I love your blog, especially the product reviews. I always check to see if you reviewed a product I’m interested in before I buy it because you’re really honest about them. I also like the advice you give your readers. And now, I really need both!
I’m young (early 20’s) and used to having a [...]

Film Fridays – Why We Buy Porn Instead of Just Filming Our Neighbours

Well, one of the many reasons…hahaFunny, but please tell me no one actually has sex like this!!

LOLZ Like ButtSecks

Cockblogging Wednesday 109 / Cuntblogging Wednesday 27

O hai!
I was just sitting here, sipping a nice cool drink, and thought to myself – self, you need to post a special CBW for today.Why today? Because it’s today! You’re here and I’m here , what better reason do we need?Actually, most importantly, this pic is here.I found today’s submission in my [...]

Spreading The S Spot Love

Since I posted about the new warning that blogger has slapped up (at the request of some anonymous surfers) on my site – I’m sure you’ve seen it by now – a number of you have expressed concern about my traffic flow and the slow trickle of new readers becoming even slower.
I have been monitoring [...]

Nothing Wrong With Being Mono-Balled

“I noticed when I was younger and first starting to masturbate that I only have one testicle. One didn’t decent. In my young age I just though it would decent later on in time on its own. Unfortunately, it did not. And now my girlfriend and I are starting to get a little more serious [...]

Film Friday – A Singing Phallus

For some reason, this video just makes me smile ^_~:

Threesomes – @ RAD

The nice folks over at RentAdultDVDs have asked me to do some writing for them. Today they are featuring a little piece I whipped up on threesomes. Go check it out!

Wow! My site (on Blogger) has been running for over three years and I’ve only just now been flagged by a user or two as having questionable content. I don’t know how I feel about that: on one hand it’s a pain to have to go through that extra page, confirming that I [...]

CockBlogging Wednesday 108

Today’s pic comes from the talented Jake of Facts and Friction who couldn’t believe that I was running short of CBW submissions! (I’m still short on lady participants by the way)
First here’s a little slice:and now a bigger piece:“An almost lack of cocks [and cunts] to blog? That just won’t do! I thought the internet [...]