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Arousal Fail

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2163970de8f06147cd1f7dfe405571e6I spotted this news story about a woman who was injured in a car accident – happens all the time, right?  But how many people do you know whose injury involves becoming permanently turned on!?

Sounds kinda sexy at first I guess.  I mean, I know some people get clit hood piercings because they WANT to be semi-permanently aroused.

But if you think about it, imagine being turned on all the time – BUT not getting to feel that release after sex.  Instead of feeling fulfilled, she’s just as wound up – she can try to orgasm again and again, to the point where it’s painful to have sex, and not get more than a few minutes relief.  Sounds awful!

One of the other terrible things about Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder is that a lot of the people suffering from it find the disorder super embarrassing and they  don’t feel like they can tell people about it so it often goes unreported.   Doctors aren’t even really sure what causes it, let alone how to treat it, though there are a few methods that sometimes work (like numbing gels).

1 comment to Arousal Fail

  • Julien

    The Wikipedia article and its references all talk about PGAD in women, which makes me wonder… if this disorder is unique to women, is there an equivalent disorder for men? The only thing remotely similar seems to be priapism – I’d love to know what the difference is between men and women that seems to make those of us with one X chromosome insusceptible to this.

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