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The S Spot's Sexy Short Story Contest Winners! - Third Runner Up!

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Hey there!
I bet you have been wondering when the winners of The Sexy Short Story Contest would be announced.
Well here’s a little tidbit for you:

After a lot of reading and comparing notes, JD and I have finally picked our winners!
It was tough too – a lot of you sent in some pretty hot stories

Rebecca here is our third place runner up and she’s won the G-Spot Bullet Vibe from our good friends at Eden Fantasys!

Check out her story:

It’s been too long.
She’s here now though, at his door, after months of being away.
He opens his arms and she fits right in, breathing his smell, her face against his chest.
This doesn’t last though, she reaches her arms up, and tangling her fingers in his hair she reaches up for a kiss. He meets her mouth hungrily, she tastes just like he remembers.
They begin to make their way across the apartment toward his room. Her hands running all over his head and neck, his hands cup her bottom. She grinds her hips into his already straining jeans.
They make it into his room, kicking the door shut and turns her around, pinning her face first against the wall. She gasps as he spanks her. The vibrations of his hand travel through her body, further flooding her already wet panties. He spanks her again.
One hand snakes around her to begin to tweak her nipple while the other one goes down the front of her panties, immediately finding her clit. Her whole body jerks as he makes contact. “you’re SO wet” he breathes in her ear “I love it”
she’s concentrating on staying vertical as his fingers rub her clit and play with her nipple, he bites into her neck and she nearly comes. Knowing she is close to the edge he removes his hands making her whimper at their absence. Pulling her arms behind her back, he ties her hands together, with the necktie from his desk, spanks her again, and turns her around.
They face each other for a moment, and then he puts both his hands on her shoulders and pushes her to her knees. She is face to face with his straining zipper and her mouth has already begun to water. Her hands are bound though; she waits to see what he’ll do next.
Slowly, excruciatingly slowly, he unzips his fly, reaches into his pants and extracts his hard, throbbing cock. “Suck it” he says.
She reaches her head forward, sticks out her tongue and flicks her it over the tip of his cock, as if to test him. She wants to know how far he’s pushing his dominance. “That’s not sucking “he says as he reaches behind her head, grabbing her by the hair, sending a new rush of pleasure through her body. “I said, suck it” and with that he shoved her head forward to his cock.
This time though her mouth is wide open and ready. He jams her head all the way onto his cock; she’s gagging on his length. Her lips close around him and her tongue runs over the underside of him. He tastes SO good and she loves the feeling of the hard, smooth cock in her mouth.
She knows she’s going to have to work harder to make him come since her hands are bound. His hands still running through her hair she bobs her head up and down over him, swirling her tongue around the tip of him, tasting him. She takes him as deep into her throat as she can, to the point where he’s hitting the back of her throat.
She knows her panties are soaked, she can feel it. Sucking him always turned her on so much and with her hands behind her back like this…she moans around him, the vibrations running through his cock. She looks up at him, takes him all the way into her mouth and he moans “I’m going to come” and she gives the slightest nod, working her tongue over him.
She feels him twitch as he comes in her mouth, she tastes every last drop of him as he finishes. With one final shudder he extracts himself from her mouth and falls to his knees in front of her gathering her into his arms.
It is a relief to be leaning up against him now.


4 comments to The S Spot’s Sexy Short Story Contest Winners! – Third Runner Up!

  • Mabel

    Oh, wow.
    After reading that, I’m completely ashamed at how innocent and… boring mine was. XD
    I knew I shouldn’t have listened to that 650 word limit!

    Congratulations, Rebecca! You deserved it! And from the sounds of it, you’ll be putting the prize to good use. ^^;

  • Shay

    Silly, her story is exactly 650 words long.

  • Mabel

    I’m counting 663, not that it matters in any way, the content is excellent. XD

  • Shay

    well you are both a dork and a bad counter then because word only counted 650. ^_~

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