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The S Spot Sexy Short Story Contest Winners - Second Runner Up!

JD and I picked Laurie here as our second runner up in The S Spot Sexy Short Story Contest.
As an added bonus – her story is even xmas themed!

She’s won a Tenga Sleeve from our friends at Eden Fantasys,
Here’s her story:

The air was crisp as John stepped from his car after a long day of work. He glanced up at his house and admired the glow and the Christmas lights as they lay under a soft blanket of snow. He made his way towards the door, the snow crunching under his feet. He entered his house and the feeling of warmth enveloped him and he was glad to be home.
He called to his Wife Jenelle to let her know he was home, her soft, inviting voice floated down the hallway from the living room “I’m in the living room”.
John followed her voice and the scent of burning wood from the fireplace. He entered the room and was stunned to see Jenelle decked for the holidays. She was knelt before the tree in a satin red bra and thong. Her long, wavy red hair was draped over her shoulders and softly grazing her breasts. Her hands were gracefully tied in front of her with the beautiful red ribbon she had used to wrap the family presents just the night before.
Jenelle rose from her knees and walked to John her voluptuous breasts pushing against the restraint of her bra; her long slender legs were finished off by a pair of black glossy heels. He took in the sight of her magnificent body as she came towards him he said“I couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas present”, she replied “It only gets better from here, but first you need to unwrap your gift”.
John reached down and untied the bow from around her wrists. He wrapped his arms around her and slid his hands down to her round, bouncy ass. She sighed as he pulled her closer. He moved his hands to her breasts and slipped them out of the cups of her bra, moving his tongue around her pale pink nipples till the rose to attention.
Her breath began to quicken and she pulled away slightly. Jenelle slipped his coat off his shoulders and reached for his belt. The click of the metal as she undid his belt and unzipped his pants made John’s penis stiffen. Jenelle dropped to her knees and pulled down john’s pants, she looked up at him and smiled before sliding his hard cock out of his underwear, her hand slid up and down the shaft causing John to moan softly.
Jenelle wrapped her candy apple red lips around his cock and felt its warmth; she had always loved pleasing him. Her warm, wet mouth slide over the whole length of his penis as she flicked her tongue lightly against it, she could feel it pulsing in her mouth and ached for a taste of his cum. She cupped his balls in her hands the way she knew he loved, gently tickling them and adding to his excitement.
She continued to swirl and suck around his dick as his excitement rose and he began to emit grunts and groans of passion. John looked down at Jenelle as she sucked his cock, he could feel his body ache for release, he could barely hold back any longer. He let the words slip from his lips “I’m ready for my present, can I cum now? Jenelle gave him that mischievous look that let him know she was ready. John let go and his hot semen erupted from his cock in to her wet, soft mouth.
John quivered and sighed in pleasure, he looked down and in the glow of the Christmas tree his beautiful wife knelt before him and after licking her lips clean of the last few drops of his cum she said “Merry Christmas John”.


4 comments to The S Spot Sexy Short Story Contest Winners – Second Runner Up!

  • Chris

    The “man comes home to surprise blowjob” theme is representing. Definitely hot, but what else ya got?

  • Shay

    Don’t look at me – most of the stories submitted were BJ stories.

  • Dee

    I love a good BJ story! Mine was a steamy pussy-grinding lesbian story, but I didn’t ever get around to submitting it. Should I send it in anyway, even though there’s no contest going on right now?

  • Chris

    Didn’t mean any disrespect Shay. Who among us does not love a good blowjob, after all?

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