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Happy Lunar New Year! – Year of the Fire Boar

More on the year of the boar here
(p.s. I totally want that little stuffed boar she’s holding. ^_~)

6 comments to Happy Lunar New Year! – Year of the Fire Boar

  • ArtfulDodger

    To be honest, I’m a little afraid of the Fire Boar! Yeesh. Why couldn’t this be the year of the small furry bunny, or something? :)

  • horny guy

    4 more years and it will be the year of the rabbit. :)

  • Cayman J

    I love how you call it by the true name and everyone else just says year of the pig. Still doesn’t make it as good as the Year of the Cock.

  • Anonymous

    Shay, I just returned from a trip to Taiwan and China and in all the newspapers they talked about this being the year of the Golden Pig. I know a boar is a pig, but I think you are mistaken on your element for this year. Just trying to help.

  • Cain

    Piglets! Piglets!
    Love those Piglets!

    No bad Luck for ME!!!


  • Shay

    Art – haha what about a little piggy, that’s not too scary, is it?

    HG – yup!

    CayJ – Yeah! The year of the COCK is the best! (that’s mine)

    Anon – Actually gold isn’t considered an element, but the year of the fire boar is also called the year of the golden boar because it’s so lucky (esp with money).

    Cain – haha good.

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