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Cum Allergies and Problems with DS

“Can cum make you sick? Last night I sucked off my boyfriend till he came in my mouth and about a half an hour to an hour later I started to have a bad stomach ache and the stomach ache carried on to this morning im feeling alot better now but im curious why I [...]

The S Spot Sexy Short Story Contest – Deadline Extended!

I’m a little bogged down with work at the moment
Since I don’t won’t have time for a couple of week to judge this contest, I thought I might as well give YOU more time to work on your entry!

Good deal right?

The New Contest Deadline is:
December 14th!

Toy Review – iTap G Vibe

I hadn’t heard of the iTap vibe before my friends at Cal Exotics sent me one of theirs to try.  I’m embarrassed to say that I barely looked at the box before I took it out – figuring that I’d just learn the controls on the fly.  Lucky for me the iTap’s controls are insanely [...]

I’m working on the next chapter of DoaF, but what about you?
How are you doing with your submission for The S Spot’s Sexy Short Story Contest?

Cockblogging Wednesday 168

Call off the search parties!
I was just too busy marking papers to set up CBW until now.

But check out what I found when I pushed aside my stack of papers
(click img)

“Finally got my camera up and running. So as an apology, its a special treat!  This is my freshly [...]

The Sexiest Smells

The season of delicious smells is approaching us – personally, I just love the fresh scent of pine trees, the warm and cozy smell of apple cider and cloves, the tingly scent of peppermint, and yummy smelling gingerbread and pumpkin pie (not to mention all the other tasty food)!

But do all these nice [...]

Crossing Boundaries with Friends and then Trying to go Back

“Dear Shay,
Before I start, wanted to say that I love your column. Its a great source thats entertaining and informative. Now onto the crux of the issue. I have a friend whom I met at college. One night we were hanging out and (after too many shots of whiskey) we start making out on the [...]

Product Review - Cheerleaders

I don’t review porn very often because I’m a little picky, but my friends at Babeland sent me a copy of  Cheerleaders and it looked promising – what with it’s award winning all girl orgy scene (they won the AVN 2009 Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene award).  So I sat down with a friend and [...]

Contest Reminder

Just a reminder,

You still have time to enter The S Spot’s Sexy Short Story Contest!What will your story be about?

A day in the life of a sex toy?
A sexy super-heroine who defeats villains by fucking them?
A private fantasy you’ve been having about something from my toy collection?
What you think [...]

Cockblogging Wednesday 167 + Bonus!

How hard do you love my edit of this photo?!

Plus, if you like my edit, you’ll probably like the full version too (click-through to see)

We’ve seen this couple before, but I didn’t think you’d mind seeing this new shot of them

“One of our numerous money shots. Your [...]