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Cum Allergies and Problems with DS

Can cum make you sick? Last night I sucked off my boyfriend till he came in my mouth and about a half an hour to an hour later I started to have a bad stomach ache and the stomach ache carried on to this morning im feeling alot better now but im curious why I got sick I was fine until after I swallowed his cum. I also had a really bad head ache after. Also this was at about 8 pm and I hadent eaten since 7 am could the fact that I hadent eaten and then swallowed cum with nothing in my stomach make me sick?

ok the second is What is the right position or way to do doggy style? My first boyfriend that I had sex with and me did doggy style alot and we never had any problems. But with my last three boyfriend including my current one we cant seem to do it right which really frustrates me because its my favorite positon and its the easyist to do quickly. Im 5’4″ and my current boyfriend is about 6’1″ is there anyway we can do doggy style with our height difference? Because we tried last night and couldnt do it. first we tried it with just me bending over against something and we couldnt get it close to going in and then we tried on my hands and knees and him kneeling behind me and we got it to go in but as soon as he started moving it popped out. Please help with this one! I really want to be able to do it!

Cum can indeed make you sick, if you have an allergy to it. It might be a coincidence that you got a stomach ache after swallowing his cum or it might be that you had a reaction to it. Eat healthy for a few days (i.e. DON’T go 12 hours without eating!) and try again to see if you get a stomach ache again. If it happens again you can either go to your doctor to be tested for a semen allergy or just stop swallowing for now.

Some positions can be a little more difficult when there’s a height difference, but I’m shorter than you and I’ve dated a guy your boyfriend’s height before, so I can tell you that it’s doable. If you’re really having a hard time with penetration when you’re trying to have sex in doggy style, try adjusting the position of your hips. Try leaning over the back of your couch kneeing on the cushions while he stands, or your desk with your knees on a chair to get up higher.  You could also try spooning, he’ll still be penetrating you from behind, but you can scootch up higher or lower until you find an angle that works for you.

Good luck!doggystyle

3 comments to Cum Allergies and Problems with DS

  • rb83

    If the male’s penis length is insufficient, rear entry, a.k.a. doggy style, might be problematic…plenty of other fun options however!!

  • Hope

    We have been able to do it from behind since then I was laying on my bed on my stomach and he was standing behind me and I havent had any problems with cum since then I think it was just from not eating.

  • Hope – Hurray! ^_^

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