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Toy Review – iTap G Vibe

image_0523-50-3I hadn’t heard of the iTap vibe before my friends at Cal Exotics sent me one of theirs to try.  I’m embarrassed to say that I barely looked at the box before I took it out – figuring that I’d just learn the controls on the fly.  Lucky for me the iTap’s controls are insanely easy to figure out.

The iTap uses this new touch sensitive technology, instead of twisting a dial or flipping/sliding a switch, you just touch the base of the toy and it changes it’s vibration program.  The iTap has 2 vibration speeds and 3 pulse settings, and takes 2 AA batteries.  It’s made of phthalate free hard plastic coated with Velvet cote to make it silky, the tip also has a slight bend for g-spot stimulation.

What I liked: The touch sensitive technology is really cool, I was impressed with how well it worked! I never had trouble changing the program or cycling through to find ones that I liked – you literally just tap the base with one finger and the program changes.  I also found that the motor was pretty powerful too, I mostly used it externally and it was great for that sort of thing.

What I didn’t like:  I found this vibe a little noisy, it was louder than my cell phone’s vibration motor and I can hear that sucker from the other room, so I wouldn’t recommend this toy for stealth use.  I also felt like the g spot tip really didn’t do anything for me internally, though it was pretty good for focusing the stimulation externally.

This toy would be great for: someone looking for a sleek vibe with SUPER easy to use controls, but who also doesn’t care about having a slightly noisier vibe.

The iTap gets an 8 out of 10:8of10

pssst, you can get your own HERE

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