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Toy Review – Little Dolly

little_dolly_04105When I was looking at the Little Dolly online, it reminded me of the clit stim on rabbit vibes, so I was interested to see what it would be like in person when our friends at VibeReview sent me one.   Turns out, that although it IS a smaller vibe, it’s a little bigger than the clit stims it reminded me of.

The idea with the Little Dolly is that it’s cute dolphin nose can be used externally (i.e. on your clit) AND internally, on your g-spot.  The toy is made of phthalate free silicone and, as usual, has Fun Factoy’s simple “plus” and “minus” control scheme (+ for more vibration, – for less).  Little Dolly comes with 10 different vibration settings, including different pulse patterns.

What I liked: I actually did really like the pulse settings on this toy, sometimes the pulse settings on vibes can be kinda boring, but these ones were actually fun to play with.  I also liked how easy it was to get the batteries in and out.  The material has a nice texture too (like all the Fun Factory toys) and transmits the vibrations fairly well.  It’s worth mentioning that this toy is really quiet as well.

What I didn’t like: Although I did like the pulse settings, I didn’t find that the vibrations were quite strong enough for me.  It’s more of a tease than some of the other toys in my drawer.

This toy would be great for: women who are new to vibes.  This is a great beginner vibrator because it’s quiet (if you need to be stealthy), it’s cute (if you’re easliy intimidated), and it’s fairly good at both clit and g-spot stimulation.

If you’re looking for strong clit stimulation and don’t care about noise, I suggest you try the Jolie or the Ideal.  Looking for good g-spot and a little clit stim?  Try the GSwirl.

Little Dolly was not bad, but I’ve had better; it gets a six and a half out of ten:65of10

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