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Taking a Little Break…

Oh No, don’t worry, The S Spot isn’t going anywhere!

The title of this post is reffering to the theme of today’s hot hentai mini gallery!

This particular gallery is dedicated to all my readers who have even taken a break in the middle of the day to take care of “things” in the bathroom!

305db2d8d8a9646df36245e5d60a7548Looks like she’s concentrating really hard…

dc8f305ff15e55d0447847db3ae79930That’s more like it – let loose!

sample-e8b60cb38b2acc742c545b715d25a42cWow – that’s quite a mess!

5ad9a2da6d5704cb64c2af27e669b680Sometimes you might want to bring along a friend to help.

b84892494c9aaa545c69b2d48df91881You’ve got to work fast if you’ve only got a little bit of time!

1 comment to Taking a Little Break…

  • Hugo

    funny, i usually jerked in the bathroom because it was easier to get rid of the cum (you know… just one flush away)
    but, as a confortable place to do it, is not in my opinion. Related history: once with my gf, we broke the plastic seat of one wc when we where making out, and we both seated on the seat)

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