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Masturbation Month Contest – CLOSED

Our friends at EdenFantasys wanted to team up with me this month to offer you, my sweet readers, a fun little contest.  And since I happen to know that many of you love give-aways, how could I say no?! ^_~

We all know that feeling horny can lead to all kinds of crazy ideas for getting off, but this Masturbation Month EF and I wanted to hear more about how YOU get off:

Where is your fave place to do it?
Do you wait until night and sneakily wank under the covers?
Do you rush to your computer as soon as you get home from work and drop your pants?
Do you light candles and take a bath with a waterproof toy?

We want to know!!
Why?  Well, because we’re all nosy little pervs here, aren’t we? ^_~

But wait, didn’t I mention something about this being a contest?
Right, I did!
One lucky commenter will be selected to receive a very special gift code for EdenFantasys’ site, good for $35 – it’s like a giftcard but all fancy and internet-y.  ^_~
$35 towards a new toy is sure to help you celebrate this Masturbation Month with a bang (or more like a buzzzzz).

1712e55ff6c542a9a1ff0f66563ebe89So what are you waiting for?


33 comments to Masturbation Month Contest – CLOSED

  • Shaun

    Where is your fave place to do it? I’m usual in front of the computer with all of the wonders the internet provides at my fingertips.
    Do you wait until night and sneakily wank under the covers? Every once in a while.
    Do you rush to your computer as soon as you get home from work and drop your pants? Usually, after checking livejournal, facebook, and a few webcomics.
    Do you light candles and take a bath with a waterproof toy? No.

  • Victoria

    I like to be under all of my covers, any time of the day I feel like. When I’m at school I wait for my roommate to leave (or do it before she’s back from class) at home I sneak off to my room. I love getting off to my own fantasies, but I also like playing “Sex Games” and watching vids online while I do so.

  • I suppose there’s a difference between “favorite” and “most conducive.” The former would be sprawled out in bed, for hours on end, the latter would be in front of the computer…for hours on end, haha.

    Luckily, I needn’t hide my habits at home. The only time “sneakily” works into it is if the mood strikes me in public and I need to duck into a bathroom somewhere….

    It’s not uncommon that the pants (and everything else) is off before I’m five steps into my house. By that time, I’ve frequently had ample time at work to peruse websites to get me going (the s spot, for instance).

    Alas, my gender isn’t particularly pandered to on the toy front. Luckily, my hands *are* waterproof….

  • NDO

    My favorite place is at work. I’ll come in early sometimes, just to have a lot of time to tease myself through my pants. Then, when I’m ready to burst, I’ll slip into the bathroom (sneakily if possible) to finish up.

  • Sacanagem

    my favourite place is a two-parter. i’ll first start with a few porn videos at my computor while rubbing my clit, and when i’m all nice and primed i grab something hard and tight and stand over the toilet while moving up and down, until my pussy pours out into the toilet, makes for a very good cleanup ^_^

  • rb83

    fave place? NOt sure if it is my fave, butthe most frequent…the bathroom. As a card-carrying male, I do have the ‘fruits of my labors’ to be concerned with…

    Do you wait until night ? Privacy is the main concern…small children & a spouse with a libido less (considerably?) than mine dictates discretion…

    Rush to [the] computer? The internet DOES play a role…but I can survive without it ;-) Sites like S-spot help!!!

    Do you light candles and take a bath? Nah, see reasoning above. I have been known to turn on the exhaust fan and bring a glass wand into the shower for a little prostate massge, tho’…

  • kuro

    Well, actually my favorite place and way is in the shower with a cock ring on and a prostate stimulator. I usually think about fucking a futa and then she gets to have a turn with me. :)

    (I usually get inspiration from reading through “diary of a futa” first!)

  • Elevenses

    In bed with my computer. Does no one else have a laptop? I love porn and almost always watch it. I generally have better orgasms if I just use my own fantasies, though. I tend to do it once when I wake up and once before bed.

  • Anna

    Usually in bed, in the middle of the day, so that the light comes in through the closed curtains. ^_~ I love the natural light.

  • Amethyst

    I always do it in bed, sitting up, with the pillows and the blankets piled up all around me while I leisurely read erotica and do my thing =)

  • At my computer all the time! It’s my preferable place! I enjoy to tease my penis all the time. You can say i’m a masturbator ny nature!

  • Hugo

    Where is your fave place to do it? In my bedroom, second place, the bathroom, third one, in front of a computer
    Do you wait until night and sneakily wank under the covers? yeah, at night, but is more confortable not to be under bed covers
    Do you rush to your computer as soon as you get home from work and drop your pants? nope… i wait intil i don’t have anything else to do… and then i drop the pants
    Do you light candles and take a bath with a waterproof toy?
    nope… done in the bathtub… yes

  • Matt

    Where is your fave place to do it? – In my room, usually at the computer or in bed

    Do you wait until night and sneakily wank under the covers? Sometimes, not usually though

    Do you rush to your computer as soon as you get home from work and drop your pants? quite often, yes

    Do you light candles and take a bath with a waterproof toy? No, though I wish I had one.

  • Where is your fave place to do it? My two favorite places to masturbate are at my computer desk (kinda boring and predictable), but I also enjoy doing it outside in my hammock. During Masturbation May, I’m averaging 8 times a week, but ont every day. You do the math.

    I assume these questions are rhetorical, but I will answer them anyways…
    Do you wait until night and sneakily wank under the covers? I almost never wank in bed. I find masturbation in bed to be boring and kinda tacky.

    Do you rush to your computer as soon as you get home from work and drop your pants? I do. I have love to release after a long day at work. I particularly like to fantasize about people I have seen at work or at lunch that day.

    Do you light candles and take a bath with a waterproof toy? Not typically. Being a guy, I don’t often use toys (but occasionally I do). I’m more of a stand up and wank it in the shower kinda guy.

  • Shay

    Lol I don’t get why people keep answering the gray “questions” – they’re just possible scenarios you silly people!

  • n

    my favorite place would be my bed. I know it sounds boring but i can go so many places from there…
    i prefer to do it during the daytime; although i did go through a morning phase during my early teens.

  • Eric

    Hey Shay!

    My favorite place to wank it is on my bed with the computer turned so I can watch porn. I definitely don’t wait and sneak it under the covers, I need lube, so before bed I wank it, shower, then sleep usually.

    I often wank as soon as I get home, also I wait for the mood to strike, just depends what I’m feeling like!

    and It has been a long time since I masturbated in the shower, not since I got actual lube instead of using conditioner, and that was a long time ago :P

    Thanks for the memories! I had a great M-month, I’m sure you did too!

  • Since I don’t live alone, I don’t have a lot of options, but my favorite place is on my bed, either flat on my back or propped up. I sometimes watch online porn to get me worked up, but usually it’s personal pictures and videos that I’ve received from online playmates that really get me going. I rarely take off more than my pants and underwear. Unless, you know, I’m in bed to sleep. ;-) Also, when I get the opportunity, I like to masturbate on cam for certain special people. ;-)

  • My favorite place:
    I love being stretched out on my favorite couch, or on the bed, with the windows open and shades closed. It’s terribly erotic to hear the world going on right outside, so close yet with no idea of what I’m up to! For the best experience I just need to add a toy, a good book or website, my favorite lube, and maybe even my lover.

  • I either masturbate in front of the computer or in bed. I love my bedroom – my linens and furniture are all fairly new and it feels very luxurious. I can set up all I need on the nightstand and light a few candles for ambiance. There’s an outlet pretty close to the bed for plug-in toys and I can masturbate in comfort. In front of the computer is usually a more down-to-business masturbation, frequently while talking to my husband or watching porn (or both!). The Laya Spot is almost always my go-to toy for computer masturbation.

  • Chris

    I will definitely come home from just about anything and lay out on top of my sheets to relax for awhile, which can sometimes turn into hours… -_o
    My girlfriend and I really enjoy fantasizing over the phone to each other (we live pretty far away at the moment) and we do this at any of the day, whenever the mood strikes us, so we both enjoy just laying around masturbating talking dirty while we do it. And soon we’ll be enjoying doing it together on the same bed =)

    Other than that, which is certainly my favorite, I do have the hankering for internet vids and pics on occasion, in which case I have this chair and this computer to keep my occupied, haha

    Living alone has certainly helped out a lot, I don’t hide what I do, and very rarely wear clothing once I get in my door. Very relaxing and conducive to all sorts of fun!

  • Jack

    My favorite place to stroke is in front of a big screen TV while watching porn for an hour or so, trying to stay as close to orgasm as possible and then finally letting go with a huge load. Mostly I jerk off in the shower. I also love to wank to home movies and pictures on the computer as well as internet porn. I am not shy about pulling my pud in “public” places and really enjoy mutual masturbation with women.

  • Pattie

    I like to see if I can get off without any external stimulation at all. I like to see if I can enjoy myself using only my fantasies. For example, on a warm sunny day, I might lay in the meadow letting the faint breeze wash over me. I imagine that breeze to be various people, objects or sensations. Lovely.

  • Graff

    I just started college recently, so my routine (in more ways than one) has had to adapt to the new lifestyle. My roommates keep the same hours as I do, and our room doesn’t offer much in the way of privacy. Fortunately, I can still find a bit here and there. Usually, this involves a shower and a quick hand. Every once in awhile they’ll both leave for awhile, and I can take things slower. I don’t think I’m mean or adventurous enough to try anything with them in the room just yet, but who knows. Still, every so often, I find myself longing for the carefree days of my youth when I had a room to myself and nothing to do. d(^_^)b

  • My fave place to do it? In front of my husband, legs spread and hips tipped up, so that when I make myself gush he can see every intimate detail!

  • Matt

    Two answers in one here, myself and my girlfriend. I’ll go first….

    fav place? on the bed

    wank it sneakily? not usually. the gf enjoys watching, so why deprive her?

    rush home to wank? depends on if the gf is in town or not.

    in the bath? yep, while watching the gf

    and now matt’s gf..

    fav place? in bed, laying on my stomach

    sneakily? no. i let matt watch while he watches me!

    rush home? if i’m out of town, yes. i can’t wait to get to the hotel room and call matty.

    in the bath? in the bath definitely w/ the waterproof rabbit.

  • Lisa Colleen Kalb

    I like to sit on my bed and peruse magazines showing various hot guys and girls in various states of undress. I use my fingertips to bring me right to the edge of my orgasm, then back off…wait…then start again. After a few times, I usually stand up and finish myself that way. I like the weak shaking legs and the incredible head rush I get from having a standing orgasm.

  • Arsie

    Fave place? Anywhere private. Usually my room, sometimes in front of the computer and sometimes in my bed.

    Then I do whatever I’m in the mood for, I have a few toys to play with, which my friend insists on calling a collection.. 4 or 5 isn’t a collection! My favourite tends to be the glass one, so versatile and I can find just the right spot..

    It was great when I had a lover too, but now that I’m alone it brings back some damn good memories that make excellent fodder for play.

  • wendiana

    Yesterday I woke up aroused with my hands all ready busy. I didn’t want to wake up my boyfriend so I went to the back door, leaned up against it with the sun shining in, cars driving by & worked my fingers until my knees were shaking, body pulsing in electric tremors.

    Usually, my favorite place is mutally–watching each other & helping is incredibly hot.
    I read a lot of erotic blogs that help boost my imagination–and make my orgasmic fantasies even more intense. I love teh internets. lol.

    Maybe 3 or 4 times a year, I’ll light candles in the bathtub with a toy handy. If I’m all ready in the mood, I don’t bother with the bubbles & candles, I just want to get off.

  • Mike

    The first thing I do when I get home is exactly that–I drop my pants, and my shirt and socks as well; I spend all day wearing my clothes like leaden weights, home is a place where I can relieve myself of that burden.

    The second thing I do when I get home is see if my girlfriend is in. If she isn’t (which is often the case) I go straight to the back computer room and masterbate to videos or pictures of us together. Or, if I am in the mood for variety, I surf the ‘net for porn and read erotic blogs. Sometimes, if I am feeling particularly naughty, I wear her underwear while I am doing it. The thought that she may walk in and catch with them is greatly arousing, especially since she has hinted at wanting to see the very thing.

    If she is home we usually start with mutual masterbation. Sometimes this develops into sex, sometimes we just like to watch (and cum on) each other.

  • ephraim

    my most usual place is snuggled up in bed; but my favorite is in my car. i’m one of those people that’s chronically early to everything, and jerking off has made for many minutes of pleasure that would otherwise be spend being bored and/or frustrated.

  • Hi Shay;
    Hope I haven’t missed the deadline. To celebrate mastrubation month, ? allowed me to wank twice. A couple of nights ago when I came to bed horny and she wasn’t, she let me ‘nurse’. I cuddled up to her and suckled on her big beautiful breast. She stroked my shoulders and back while i rubbed myself against the sheets and her leg.
    The other time we did it together. We laid side-by-side and head-to-foot so we had a very good view of each others naughty bits. She used her fingers and a glass dildo. I used my hand and a prostrate massager. It was very exciting.

  • Shay


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