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Cockblogging Wednesday 131

Here it is!  The last CBW of 2008!

“Hi Shay, wishing you success for everything u do.  And this is also my first submission for CBW, hope u like it. Here goes nothing…“

It’s been an exciting year of CBW, we’ve seen some great cock-shots and even had a [...]

If Santa didn’t bring you all the sex toys you wanted this year, don’t worry – Babeland is here to help you out!

From now until Jan 13th, they are offering a 25% discount on all their most popular toys from 2008!
Toys like the Sasi, the Curve (which I will be reviewing [...]

Yes, Women Can Enjoy Facials

Okay, I’ll admit it, I’ve been bad -
instead of updating the site like a good little sex blogger, I’ve been off skiing and playing too much RockBand2 with my family, but since everyone is taking a break to watch some food network, I was able to sneak away and do a little posting!

Merry Holiday – <3 Shay!

Hope you find everything you asked for under your tree today!

And if you’re kicking around online today, why not check out some classic S Spot Xmas Specials!

merry futa-mass
Santa Knows if you’ve been Naughty
Have Yourself a Sexy Little Xmas
Inside the Reindeer Locker-room
S Spot Sexmas Mad-libs
Stuffing your stocking
Xmas CBW [...]

CockBlogging Wednesday 130

I just had to post this perfectly xmas-tree themed CBW!

How’s this for an xmas-eve stocking stuffer? ^_~

“It was so nice outside today with all the snow, I had to do this for Christmas and make CBW a white one.
Merry Christmas Shay!”

see also this highly relevant comic hehe

an early merry futa-mass!

A sweet reader tracked down this neat xmas-themed image of my icon character as a futa and I just couldn’t resist posting it for you all to enjoy too!

For the Record Porn Does NOT = Reality

“I really like you’re blog and I’m a frequent reader.  Well, to the point, I’m a virgin but I don’t want to be with a woman and finish before she has had her share of the fun. When masturbating, it seems that I last less then anything I’ve seen on the net, compared to them [...]

Santa Knows If You’re Naughty, but Nice

A re-post, but a good one, IMHO ^_~

People tend to think of the holiday season (at least the more commercial aspects of it) as being a children’s thing – but as we get older, does that fascination with a magical north pole just leave us, or can it change and mature with [...]

so lazy…

Cockblogging Wednesday 129

Hello my sweet readers!

I’m so sorry this post is up so late, but I’ve just flown halfway across the country for the holidays and it took a little time to get set up with internet AND  to find some spare time.

But, I’m sure you’ll find this week’s CBW worth [...]