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Product Review – BabyBug

The Baby Bug vibe is super cute, but when VibeReview offered to send me one, I made sure to ask for it in red, just to avoid having it look extra “buggy” in green. ^_~   Baby Bug is one of Fun Factory’s mini FreshVibes which means it’s small, well-built, waterproof, easy to use, and [...]

Who Won a New Cock?

Everyone’s entries were so good for my “Win a Cock” Contest!

I just couldn’t pick a winner, so I decided to choose one at random:
each entry was assigned a number and I used a random number generator.

So, who ended up winning?


He already has a cock of [...]

Cockblogging Wednesday 126

Isn’t there some kind of American holiday coming up?

Oh right, American Thanksgiving or something, right?

Well, in honour of my American readers, this week’s CBW fella is wearing a little cranberry sauce – perfect to go along with all that meat!

“My girlfriend and I have been enjoying your [...]

You Don’t Always Have to “Get It Up” for Them to Get Off

“My partner and I have been sexually active for about 6 or so months. Now, she wants to have sex all the time, where as I don’t as much. It really upsets her when I don’t have sex with her as much as other couples, she thinks she’s a freak because her sex drive is [...]

Product Review – O’My Blueberry Cheesecake Lube!

I’m wary of flavoured lubes. I’ve had some bad experiences in the past with lubes that tasted awful or numbed my tongue.  Imho, lubes are meant for sexing, not for eating.  But I was willing to give O’my a try since they are an acclaimed Canadian company.  Their lubes are sugar-free, water-based, and latex compatible. [...]

New Contest!! Win a Cock!

Hey you!

No, not you, YOU!

Wanna have a chance to win a prize?

Yeah, I thought so. ^_~

Eden Fantasys has given me the chance to grant some nice girl the wish of becoming a fake futa!

The Mr Man dildo isn’t just a dildo that fits [...]

Cockblogging Wednesday 125

Wilson here confused the heck out of me when he asked if I accept non-CBW pix.

If it’s not for CBW, what’s the point!? ^_~  lol

“Love your blog and have been reading it for awhile.  Perhaps next time I’ll take one fully erect but hopefully this will do for now.“

Am I Too Small? (female edition)

“Hey Shay!
I have a silly question and funnily enough you are the person in my life I feel most comfortable asking .   I have only slept with one of my boyfriends before, and he was pretty average (about 4.5 inches). My current boyfriend and I have been fooling around more and more lately and I [...]

Product Review – Lucious Touch Sleeve

As masturbators go, the Lucious Touch from Vibe Review looks fairy tame: it’s not trying to be realistic or look like a particular pornstar- in fact, the one I got looks like a pink flower.   Since I obviously don’t have a penis, I had to pass this toy over to a friend to test for [...]

Cappuccino for Me, Decaf for my Boobs

I nearly did a spit-take in the car when I heard on the radio that a new study has found that drinking coffee can shrink a woman’s breasts! I don’t drink much coffee myself (just a few ice-caps in the summer), but I know A LOT of people are who totally addicted and I needed [...]