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Product Review – Lucious Touch Sleeve

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As masturbators go, the Lucious Touch from Vibe Review looks fairy tame: it’s not trying to be realistic or look like a particular pornstar- in fact, the one I got looks like a pink flower.   Since I obviously don’t have a penis, I had to pass this toy over to a friend to test for me.  But before I sent the toy off to be reviewed, I did have a chance to stick a finger or two inside to check out the texture inside the sleeve; it’s got two different textures that alternate: nubby and ribbed.  The toy handed off, I waited excitedly to find out what the verdict would be.

What he liked: he liked how squishy the toy was and found it fairly fun to use.  The Lucious Touch is made out of jelly, which seems pretty delicate, so he was impressed with how well it stood up to a good pounding.  The jelly sleeve can stretch so that it’s insertable length is much longer than you’d expect from looking at it.

What he didn’t like: I mentioned that the toy is made out of squishy jelly above and, although this sleeve was surprisingly sturdy, it also didn’t bring much sensation to the party.  While he said that it didn’t feel like just his hand, it also didn’t feel like much of anything – the alternating texture didn’t do much for him .  He also found it frustrating to clean because it’s not open-ended or as sturdy as a Fleshlight.  He didn’t appreciate the flower design either, strictly because it included a second small (and unfuckable) flower along the side that made gripping the toy a little weird.

This toy would be great for: someone looking for a cheap masturbation sleeve that doesn’t look like a vagina.  It’s the kind of toy that couples could even play with together as part of foreplay.

Lucious Touch was kinda neat, but didn’t quite live up to expectations – it gets a 3 out of 10. 

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