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Am I Too Small? (female edition)

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Hey Shay!
I have a silly question and funnily enough you are the person in my life I feel most comfortable asking .   I have only slept with one of my boyfriends before, and he was pretty average (about 4.5 inches). My current boyfriend and I have been fooling around more and more lately and I have had the privilege of seeing his 7.5 inch member. So my question: is that even going to fit inside of me? Should I not expect him to go “balls deep” like my ex could? I don’t really have a way of exploring my insides enough to know exactly how this is going to work, and I figured I should shoot you an email and see what kind of advice you could comfort me with before I get myself into anything too shocking.

Okay, I kinda love this question – it’s like the female counter-part to the usual “am I too small?” question that I usually get from guys.  hehe

First of all, don’t worry.  7.5 inches is a totally normal length for a penis; I’m sure you will notice a difference in comparison to your ex, but it really shouldn’t be a problem.  ^_^

One of the many handy things about vaginas is that they are stretchy (esp when you’re turned on); your canal will get longer, your insides will move out of the way – it’ll all be good hun, and I’m sure you’ll be able to take him balls deep no problem.  Actually, I think I’ve talked a bit more about this HERE.

Have fun!!

P.S. If you do find that his length is a problem for you, don’t worry – you can help solve this problem by adjusting your angle when he’s inside you to maximize your inner length. For example, be careful in positions that can shorten your vaginal canal, like doggy style (really any position that has you folded over).

6 comments to Am I Too Small? (female edition)

  • Rae

    I’ve worried about that actually! I’m only a little longer (if not turned on) than my middle finger (I think just 3 inches), but don’t stretch out tons when I’m turned on. My longest vibe tends to end up hitting, even usually when I’m pretty aroused, so I often only use the first couple inches of it and don’t put it all the way in.

    My man is not as long as my dildo and has indicated a worry about giving me pleasure, but I am glad he is so he can go balls deep and not hit that end wall! That doesn’t feel that great personally!

    Isn’t it all really individualistic anyway? Even our genitals are individual! :-)

  • Futanarikko

    I didn’t know the vag was that flexible.

    Sidenote: Reading your posts and then reading your links to older posts, that also have links to even older posts is always awesome.

    I’m impressed how hard you’ve been working all these years ^^

    Question, Shay: When did you started all this?? Do you remember the exact date???

    PS: SOrry for my bad english T_T

  • Shay

    Rae – It’s tricky trying to measure yourself with your fingers because you can’t really see how far you can stretch that way. It would be better to (when you’re turned on) use your longest vibe to measure by seeing how far you can insert it. Actually, check this out:
    The InchPerfect
    … wow, I thought I’d never have a reason to link to that toy! lol

    -hmmm i thought there was another comment here, where did it go?

    Futanrikko – haha There’s actually a tab in my right sidebar that allows you to browse my archives, I think I’ve been around for something like 3, nearly 4 years. ^_^

  • Futanarikko

    Thanks Shay.


  • Rae

    Whoa! 21 inches! I know I am not that long. I have done it with my biggest vibe/dildo, which is just a bit more than 6 inches insertable and I cannot get quite “balls deep” with it (yes, it has balls on it), even turned on, without hitting the wall. It’s not as uncomfortable to hit that wall when I’m turned on, but it’s a little shocking too.

    I don’t mind. A guy with a 12 (or 21–seriously? 21 on that InchPerfect?) inch cock I just do not think is for me.

  • Babblemouse

    The scale is in centimeters. If you look closely there’s also a scale in inch which goes up to 6. I wonder whether that’s supposed to be consoling. The average guy won’t be far from the maximum and some guys will be slightly above which is gonna make them very proud but 7-8 inch is probably not as uncommon. I think the low average (5-6 inch) is an international average. However Asians are on average simply smaller and have therefore smaller penises too. So there must be quite a few gifted guys to get the average back above 5 inches.

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