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Cockblogging Wednesday 91 + a question

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Power cord update: It’s in the mail as of last Saturday afternoon, so I should have it by the end of the week (I hope) and be back on my own laptop with all my own software and bookmarks and such. Man, I really miss my photoshop!

Good thing LP doesn’t seem to mind being poorly censored:

I stumbled upon your blog a couple of weeks back, and I have been loving the selection of futanari and other hentai you have posted. I would like to submit my own virgin cock for Cockblogging wensday.
I also have a question. You see, I have been doing the happyfappy for about 3 years now and I am trying to get something new, like explore the P spot. But I don’t have any such equipment as described ‘required’ by your blog, such as condoms or lube or anything.
Would it be fine to simply stick my finger in and try it myself, or would this result in disaster? I really want to try this out but I’m not sure how it could work.

A pic AND a question, my goodness!
Since it’s your own finger and your own prostate, it will be fine for you to not use a condom or glove. You’re not at risk for catching an STI from yourself, but you’ll still want to make sure that your nails are trimmed and filed before your start and that you wash your hands thoroughly before and afterwards. However, you’ll definitely want to use some sort of lubrication to make things more comfortable and fun. ^_~

P.S. If you were wondering what exactly is hanging out in front of LP in the censored version of his submission, it’s a finger cot dispenser – perfect for digital prostate exploration!

P.P.S – February is rapidly approaching!

2 comments to Cockblogging Wednesday 91 + a question

  • Richard

    p spot massage is fantastic. I get them often. I think I may just have to get up the nerve to send in a cock photo soon.

  • porncrank

    Huh… never thought much about prostate massage. I had a (rather lovely female) doctor explore my prostate once as part of an exam. I suspected I had chlamydia at the time, and she had to milk my prostate to get a sample. It was actually very painful — a totally lousy experience. But I did have chlamydia and that is probably why it was so sore: from the infection. She said that normally it’s not supposed to hurt.

    I never considered that it might be pleasurable, though. I don’t know if I’ll get the nerve to try it, but interesting nonetheless.

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