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Dear Shay: Are “Blue Balls” for Real?

The Term “blue balls” refers to a vasocongestion in the testicles or vulva. This term is often used as an excuse to pressure a partner into having sex (usually by guys, though girls you could have used this as an excuse too if you wanted). Although most people don’t actually turn blue, some do feel some pain or discomfort after sexual arousal or stimulation. What has happened is that blood (and possibly ejaculatory fluid in men) has rushed into the testicles and penis or the vulva and has become trapped, causing an increase in pressure that can be uncomfortable.

But the person suffering from “blue balls” (or “blue vulva”) doesn’t need to have sex to alleviate the pressure. They can either wait for the fluid to drain by itself over time as the arousal fades or they can masturbate (alone or with their partner) to orgasm. If you find yourself afflicted with this “condition” and neither of these options are available to you, try a cold compress on the area.

Dear Shay: How can I tell if my Penis is a normal size?

Well, it’s actually quite easy! Let’s just take some measurements.

First, stand up comfortably with your ruler and your un-erect penis. Measure from your public bone to the tip of your penis (it’s best to do this measurement alone to make sure that you are completely un-erect). This is your resting length. Next, when you are erect, gently press your penis down so that it is parallel to the floor and measure again, from your public bone to the tip. Now you know both your resting and your erect penis length. Hurray!

But this information isn’t very useful to you without something to compare it to, is it? Well according to Dr Reuben, the average resting penis length is about 4 inches long, but that doesn’t mean that being 2 inches at rest is a problem, that penis could still be quite long when erect.

In any case, besides being considered the “ultimate male accessory”, the purpose of a penis is to deliver a payload of sperm to the uterus [however, being the fun "tool" that it is, as I'm sure my single and/or homosexual readers know, it can be used pleasurably in other functions as well]. So the real question a heterosexual guy should be asking is, how long is the average vagina?

The average Vagina ranges from about 3.5 to 5 inches in length, which means that practically every adult human male has a penis long enough to vigorously massage every inch of any vagina [if that's his life choice]. Penis length is considered a hereditary trait so, any male with a penis too small to impregnate a woman wouldn’t have been able to pass on his genes. You can rest assured knowing that your ancestors had to have passed on their “big penis” genes to you for you to even be here!

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