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The Care and Feeding of Nekomimi

Sure everyone knows that cat-girls are great. With their perky little ears and frisky, hedonistic ways – what’s not to love? But the real issue here is: how can YOU get one and what should you do with her?

One way to get a hold of a cat-girl is to order her online; kind of like the mail-order-bride system, only better (and less controversial). There are a handful of underground sites where one can select and order a cat-girl based on her hair color and levels of activity. However, there are downfalls to ordering online, your cat-girl may come to you underfed, sick, or possibly even pre-trained with bad habits (like offering herself to just anyone who happens by).

Personally, I would recommend your second option: catching one yourself.

CatGirls are always prowling around, you just might not be able to recognize them. Did you see a shadow move across the window the last time you were masturbating? That was a cat-girl watching you (and probably getting off herself). Many even brush their hair over their ears, truck their tails up, and walk around with the rest of us! Your hot coworker could be a cat-girl in disguise (that would explain the catnip in her desk)!

So the real trick is attracting a cat-girl.

Cat-girls are, of course, interested in cream – both kinds – so, if you suspect that a cat-girl may be in your area, set some out. Collect as much of your cum (or juices) as you can and mix it with a half cup of milk in a little dish. The scent of the cum and milk will waft into the air and the nearest cat-girl should come running. Of course an ordinary dish of milk would attract a cat-girl, but she would likely come when you wouldn’t notice it (she might even arrive looking like an ordinary cat). But, when you’ve mixed in your own cum, she will be compelled to look for more; you’ll find her tapping on your window, looking for another taste. Alternatively, (and most commonly) she’ll be so aroused by the taste of the cum that she will need to masturbate immediately and you can carry her inside when she curls up afterwards.

Cat-girls naturally prefer sunny weather, especially when it’s warm out, so you should set your little cat-girl attractor in the shade, near a sunny patch where she can curl up for a nap when she’s finished. That’s when you can grab her: when she’s all post-orgasmically snoozy and is full of good will.

Now that you’ve got your cat-girl, you’ve got to figure out how to keep her. Never assume that you own your cat-girl, that’s just ridiculous. Like any woman, a cat-girl isn’t going to want to stick around if you don’t treat her nicely.

Firstly, sex. Sex is definitely at the top of a cat-girl’s to do list and you’re going to have to be ready for her rubbing up against you, wanting some at any hour of the day. If you have a job that requires you to be out of the house for more than 4 hours at a time, I would recommend keeping your house stocked with plenty of fun sex toys for your cat-girl to occupy herself with while you’re away for the first few days. Eventually you should be able to train her to last longer without, but be prepared for some wild sex when you finally do indulge her.

Clothing. If you’ve caught yourself a wild cat-girl or ordered one online, she’s likely not going to have much of a wardrobe. Many cat-girls do prefer to dress in a style we like to call “easy access”, but you might also want to provide her with something cute (and more conservative) to put on when you’ve got company over.

Treats. While sex is certainly a treat, sometimes it’s also nice to offer your cat-girl other things as well. Oral is always nice, but also consider switching things up a little, throw in a little anal and/or some snazzy new positions and toys. You could even get her a strap-on and let her fuck you a little, for a change. But a cat-girl will also appreciate non-sexual treats: a fancy meal, a cute new costume for role-playing, some chocolate catnip, a sweet little collar with a bell, etc.

Living with a cat-girl isn’t easy, in fact it can be downright exhausting, but hopefully the advice above will help you to manage. I’m sure that very soon you and your special cat-girl will able to enjoy elegant meals out, followed by a good long fuck and some ear scritches before bed. ^_~

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16 comments to The Care and Feeding of Nekomimi

  • AlwaysArousedGirl

    I think I want one.

  • Nako lover

    Yay finally a guide on cat girls thanks so much now I just need to set up a box and a stick with a long piece of string tied to it.


  • Jim

    Is 2% okay?


  • JUnderCovers

    Once again, I must respectfully plead for a picture of ShayCat. PLEEEEEASE!!!!

  • Red Raven

    Hellooooooooooo, KITTY!

    Now that is a lovely photomanip! I once tried to do one with actual cat’s eyes. It didn’t work too well, so I let it go, but now I feel inspired! Of course, mine will be a futa-neko, because, well, because for me it just has to be that way.

  • ArtfulDodger

    How about some links to those on-line CatGirl ordering sites? Or does Amazon offer those? :)

  • Ron

    hum… Maybe I can train my cat to seek them and bring them home…

    They should understand each other I think ^_^

  • Gadfly

    I always thought cats were like the BDSM crew of the pet world. They like their attention soft and cuddly — but they like their sex with claws, teeth and screaming. *chuckle*

  • Loving Annie

    Hi Shay. Just came by to say hello again. Hope you are having a good Tuesday. Liked your answer on shaving on the post from a few days ago !

  • RyuuDairenjaa

    That would be good if it really worked, Especialy the Hentai ones, OK, Only the Hentai ones,

    That reminds me, Are you going to do a article about what happens when someone becomes only attracted to Hentai/Anime girls? I’d like to figure that one out, Even if you are like that, I can’t figure it out

  • Anonymous

    You want a cat girl?!do what i did,make one!

    sure its illegal and costs a few billon…okay many billions of dollars,but as long as no one finds out,hello catscratch!^^

  • Saint Jimmy

    Someone should write more of these catgirl articles. They’requite interesting, and besides the subject matter, the writing style the author used was…well, I’ll say descriptive.

  • Anonymous

    ummmmmmmmmmm………. be right back…….”setting up trap”……. anyways….. ya well i havn’t caught a catgirl yet but i thought if i cant catch one y not make one… thank god my girlfriend is into anime and hentai…. of course im gonna have 2 do something for her like ……. i cant belive im gonna admit this but i might have to do a yaio for her…… i really hope i dont have to….. not again atleast…..:(

  • Dan

    where and when can i find a cat girl ^_~ I wanna have a good sex with her cuz I have a friend that acting like a catgirl. She loves catnips ^.^

  • Anonymous

    Dan…your catty friend is in danger…if you give me her number I can protect her…^^

  • :) That’s all well and good, but what about cat-boys? And not necessarily the ├╝ber-muscly seme cat-boys that are in yaoi, but also the uke cat-boys and for that matter also the cat-boys in heterosexual and bisexual pairings! What about them?

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