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Reader Question – First Time Trimmer

I have a question for you regarding pubic hair. I read through all the postings I could find on your site regarding this topic, but most of it spent very little time talking about actual trimming. I am a 19 year old boy, who has had very little experience in terms of a sexual relationship and has found little need to spend any time or focus on my pubic hair. However, I’m starting to feel it may be time to start giving my neglected area a little attention. You seemed to skim over the actual trimming step quite fast, and as I’ve never tried anything like this before, I’m left feeling a little nervous. You mentioned basically just to trim it down to about a half an inch when shaving, I’m assuming typically it should be the same for if you’re just trimming? One other thing I should mention, I have not seen many other peoples pubic hair, so I’m not sure if it’s common or not, but I have curly hair… is there certain things I should do to cut it properly? Like wet it, or comb it strait? shape? Just wanting to know if you have any tips for this first timer. Thanks!

You’re right, trimming isn’t a topic that I have spent much time on, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not important – I would consider (and many would agree) that trimming is even MORE important than shaving/waxing – so I will do my best to answer your question.

The half-inch guideline does still apply when you’re just giving yourself a nice trim, but don’t worry about getting out a ruler or anything, just trim it until you’re happy with how it looks; the half inch isn’t really a solid rule.

I recommend using a small pair of scissors, like nail or beard trimming scissors, rather than your usual paper scissors or kitchen shears. You’ll be able to be more precise, the cuts will be cleaner, and you wont’ risk accidentally snipping something you didn’t mean to (like your skin – ouch!).

You could try using a little comb, if you like, to help deal with longer curlies, but I wouldn’t recommend wetting your pubes before you trim – the hair will just end up sticking everywhere and making a mess. (Also, most people have curly pubes too, so you’re not alone there. ^_~)

I would also recommend standing over the toilet, with the seat up, while you trim with your little scissors; you’ll be able to see everything clearly and all/most of the hair will fall into the bowl, making clean-up super easy.

Good Luck!

6 comments to Reader Question – First Time Trimmer

  • From_NJ

    Just make sure you sweep up after you’re done. If you miss the toilet, clumps of pubic clippings can be like ice on a linoleum floor.

  • Dirty Filthy Princess

    Shay: good answers.

    And to the reader, don’t worry, you aren’t the only one not sure what to do about this. I was nervous about using a sharp object down there when I first started public hair grooming too. Just relax, trim a bit if you want and know there really aren’t any “rules” for this. Just what works for you…

  • Anonymous

    I’m a guy and I’ve kept my pubes closely trimmed for around 4 years. Once I did it, I couldn’t stand them growing out much more than a half inch. I started with scissors, but the process took too long, and I couldn’t trim as closely as I’d like to. I later found that the built-in beard trimmer on my electric razor works great. It’s much quicker and helps keep the hair at a uniform length. I trim it all as short as I can manage. It’s still hard to get a really close trim on my balls, but you just have to go slow. I’ve knicked myself a couple times, but it just stings a little bit and doesn’t bleed much. Scissors still help with a few long stray hairs.

  • exile

    i’m trying to make a topiary out of my pubes

    i’m thinking a squirl…

  • rupert

    Dear Shay,

    apologising for the direct throw-back but you commented on the post anyway, so it links straight back … xox.

    When I was about to tackle an onscreen presence in the buff, I asked my blog readers what they suggested I do with my body hair, to get a consensus from the potential viewer before doing the movie …

    All there comments can be found at …


    and again … xox Rups

  • Shay

    Nj – good point!

    DFP – good advice ^_~

    Anon – Yup using a beard trimmer is definitely another good way to go, but OUCH nicks aren’t fun.

    exile -haha a squirrel?

    Rups – oh yeah! I forgot about that post! ^_^

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