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No Film Friday this Week

Sorry kids,
unfortunately/fortunately I’m off on vacation in the mountains with a terrible internet connection so there will be no new video this week.
I’m sure you can amuse yourselves with my archives though, until I return to better internets in a couple of days. 

CockBlogging Wednesday 89

Ooh!Looks like Santa left one more gift for you under the tree.Well, what are you waiting for?(click to) open it!

Merry Holiday!

Inside the Reindeer Locker-room…

After he saw what was going on last year,
Santa decided to try and improve his team’s focus by setting up gender segregated change-rooms – hoping that this would lead to less distraction and leave his reindeer with more energy for toy hauling.

Let’s take a peek:
do you think it’s working?

Film Fridays 104 – Will They Giftwrap it for You at the Mall?

You know, it’s just not xmas without a dick…in a boxcurse you nbc!click HERE to watch the video anyway.^_^

RQ – Cervical Penetration!?!

“I’ve often seen in hentai, both manga and animated, girls getting a penis pushed all the way up through their cervix. Is this even possible? From my experiences with women it not only doesn’t seem feasible, it seems like it would be excruciatingly painful for the woman if it was possible.”

Cervical penetration – ACK! [...]

CockBlogging Wednesday 88

This week’s CBW pic comes from…Hey!Who knocked over the tree!?(could you please pick it up for me? just click the image)

“was surfing the net when i came across the site…i loved it so much i decided to contribute myself :) enjoy“

A Naughty North Pole

People tend to think of the holiday season (at least the more commercial aspects of it) as being a children’s thing – but as we get older, does that fascination with a magical north pole just leave us, or can it change and mature with us?

Take Santa for instance; when you’re a kid he’s just [...]

Bakin’ at The S Spot

Film Fridays 103 – I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa

Just… not on the lips…

~Spoiler Alert!~Blagh, it’s a shame that the vid includes her spitting it back out at the end.That always grosses me out – what do you guys find sexy about that?!