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RQ – Cervical Penetration!?!

I’ve often seen in hentai, both manga and animated, girls getting a penis pushed all the way up through their cervix. Is this even possible? From my experiences with women it not only doesn’t seem feasible, it seems like it would be excruciatingly painful for the woman if it was possible.

Cervical penetration – ACK! Just reading the words makes me wince and shudder.

I’ve seen it happen in ecchi too, but we all know that hentai does not usually represent reality in any way.

In reality, a woman’s cervix is tightly closed and is hard (like the cartilage at the end of your nose) most of the time. It only dilates under three conditions: 1. when giving birth, 2. when menstruating, and 3. when a woman orgasms.

BUT the only time that it’s technically dilated enough for a penis to slip inside is during the first condition – when there is way too much going on for anyone to even try it.

Under normal circumstances, I honestly don’t think it would be possible for a penis to penetrate the cervix – even if you were trying your darndest to do it. The cervix is just too hard and tight for a penis to push through with that big squishy head – besides, as I mentioned previously, when a woman is having sex, her cervix moves up and out of the way. (unlike what is shown in this image)

Don’t worry ladies, your cervix is safe; the only things that a man can normally get through it is his sperm.

8 comments to RQ – Cervical Penetration!?!

  • Gadfly


    dilating the cervix before a dilation and curritage procedure (D&C) is the hard part.

  • LustDemon

    Its certainly fun hitting it though! Hehe :)

  • Lust Demoness

    And trust me, he DOES hit it! Over and over again!

  • Gadfly

    I kinda like bumpin’ that li’l buggar too :o)

  • nortiman

    I have bumped it……..hard, and she screamed with pain. Not a good idea.

  • exile

    sometimes, if you ride too hard you can acctually rub it a bit raw

  • Anonymous

    I’m personally under the impression that, depending on the type of stimulation will depend on the position of the cervix/uterus. Also, from what I understand, the uterus moves during orgasm this changing the position of a cervix.

    The picture that you have on there, in classical hentai style, is just showing his dick hitting her cervix, or him cumming in it/filling it up.

    Though actually getting your junk that far into a girl would be impossible, and probably painful.

  • Anonymous

    My experience has always been that it can be and usually is painful for the woman to even hit it let alone penetrate.

    True I can only do so in a few positions so it’s not a huge problem for me, but each time the issue came up it was bad not good.

    Obviously just another male penis size fantasy. Keep in mind guys its not how long it is, it’s how wide it is that truly matters ;p

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