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Speaking of Spooge on Your Face…

I just came (heh) across this nifty little product:Very handy for those who enjoy receiving facials, no?like freddie here, hehe!

Spooge on Your Face – dominant, submissive, or other?

Ages and ages ago (last summer I think) a discussion was going on across a number of different adult blogs: is there something about giving a blowjob that makes it an inherently submissive act?

Some bloggers were thinking that because the giver is servicing their partner and receiving no stimulation themselves, they are submitting to their [...]

Film Friday 83 – Mum? Dad?

This vid reminds me of the time I went into my parents room to look for something and spotted a big bottle of warming lube on the night table….

sometimes it’s shocking for kids to be reminded that parents are people too.

What about you folks? Surely I’m not the only one who’s experienced the sudden [...]

CockBlogging Wednesday 72

*fiew* sorry for the delay this morning!I’m out west visiting family and the time difference is killing me!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this week’s anonymous cock (click image to view his real joystick!):

“heres my cock shot hopefully you can put it up for you CBW. I’m pretty nervous sending this but oh well. =] i [...]

Reader Question – Taken over by a Daydream

“I have some pretty odd fantasies that I’d like your input on.

I frequent a website that features stories of mind control of all sorts. The types i find absolutely irresistible are the stories where the woman controls a man not though hypnosis, but though sheer power, when i think of this i imagine [...]

Film Friday 83 – only in anime…

I don’t even know what to say about this week’s vid:

Cockblogging Wednesday 71

This week’s CBW comes to you all the way from Chile!
“Hi , i recently found your blog , is very fun and informative, i send you a pic of my cock , he want some spotlight jajajaja“

Reader Question – Is There Somethign Wrong With Me?

“I know that most adults and even young teens getting ready to pass into the age of adulthood have high sex drives sometimes. But after being told that my sex drive is a bit on the abnormally high side! That this may be a problem. What I’m asking is do you have [...]

The Missing Link

~~A good friend of mine has been yearning to say something about mainstream porn for a long time now, but hasn’t been able to find the right forum. So I offered him a spot on The S Spot – seems like as good a place as any to express opinions about porn. Enjoy! [...]

Film Friday 82 – The Bra

Oooh!So THIS is why some guys have trouble undoing bras – it’s just that my bra doesn’t like them!