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Reader Question – Is There Somethign Wrong With Me?

I know that most adults and even young teens getting ready to pass into the age of adulthood have high sex drives sometimes. But after being told that my sex drive is a bit on the abnormally high side! That this may be a problem. What I’m asking is do you have any idea if it’s natural for some adults to have extraordinarily high drives? I’ve always just thought of it as a thing that most men my age would just grow out of.

How high are we talking here? Are you just higher than your past partner(s) or are you feeling the urge to purge 10+ times a day?

Sex drives are tricky things, so it can be hard to figure out what “normal” might be. Regardless of your gender, your sex drive can change as you get older and it can change depending on your lifestyle. Generally we tend to think that men have a high sex drive when they are younger (around 17) and women have a higher sex drive when they are older (after 30) – but people’s bodies don’t always conform to this. Hormones can also play a huge role in how horny we are (that’s why some women go “sex crazy” when they get pregnant).

So, I guess the answer to your question is yes, unless you’re doing something crazy to your body (like taking hormone pills), it can be natural for an adult to have an exceptionally high sex drive.

This could be something you grow out of, but it also might not; you’ll have to wait and see. But for now, just enjoy it as much as you can. ^_^

8 comments to Reader Question – Is There Somethign Wrong With Me?

  • Gadfly

    I had a girl explain what nymphomania (non psychologically damaged nymphomania) really is. She has a MASSIVE sex drive that can only be dulled by sex and hardcore dildo masturbation. It doesn’t mean that she’s going to fuck any guy she sees. It doesn’t mean that she’s going to fuck any guy who asks her out. It just means that she will never be sexually satisfied. Her urge will never be content.

    I finally understood that it was an unfortunate condition indeed.

  • Shay

    You know, I had never really thought about it that way before. Nymphomania always sounded kinda sexy, but how awful to miss out on that lovely satisfied feeling after sex!

  • Mike Stewart

    I can only speak for myself but at age 66 I am one horny old son-of-a-bitch as anyone who has read my pathetic excuse for a blog will testify to. I’m not quite as horny as I was when I was a teenager but pretty damn close. Personally I think that old saying of “Use it or lose it” applies to our genitals and my ancient but still functioning dong has got plenty of use. Uhhh…what was that question again?

  • Alex

    Phew, that’s a relief.

  • Anonymous

    It wasn’t until I was about 32 when my hornyness eased up. before that i was very horny, every day and kind of felt pissed for not having sex. now (36) hornyness comes in 2-3 days and the pissed feeling about 5-6 days without sex. Masturbation does not count as sex in these figures

  • exile

    pppppphhhhhh, there is no such thing as a sex drive being “too high” as long as you can controll it.

    perhaps you just need to find the right guy. some guys are all talk, but some can really come through (pardon the pun)

    btw, add extra batteries to your shopping list, hehehe

  • Shay

    exile, *cough* the reader IS a man…

  • Maikeru

    If your control is good, then your sex drive can be channeled into positive things. I’m not necessarily saying one should channel it into the typical art or sports things, but channeling those thoughts and ideas into something the special someone you’re with can enjoy will make them very, very happy.

    Anyway, I’ve found that my sex drive tends to change based on diet and activity. When my diet shifts more towards leaner things like turkey and chicken, my sex drive goes up. When I exercise more my sex drive goes up massively—and no it’s not the girls at the gym since this happens just as easily when I’m out running, biking, and doing other out of gym exercise. So I figure most people’s sex drive will have some relation to those factors as well as other things.

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