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May Comes to an End

Oh no! Today is the last day of Masturbation Month!Quick, you’d better go rub one out before the day is over!Oh, but before you go, I was just wondering…

What do you think about while you masturbate?Do you make up a fantasy? Do you just focus on the self stimulation?Do you need to look at pictures?I’ve [...]

Cockblogging Wednesday 65

This week’s cock comes from Rob, who had nothing else to say about the following image (click to see him sans frosting):

Reader Question – Sparing His Knees

“Dear Shay, I wanted to ask for your advice on sex positions. Now, I am personally a fan of being a receiver when it comes to sexual positions, particularly when “doggy-style” is mentioned. (What lady doesn’t, am I right?) However, my beloved has a tendency to get worn out from being such [...]

Search Term Erotica II

I was telling a good friend of mine about the crazy search terms people have used to find my site – as you know, I’ve spotted some very interesting ones in the past. ^_~

After seeing the wonderful search term erotica that I’d written a few months ago, he decided that he wanted to try [...]

Masturbation – An S Spot Hot Hentai Mini Gallery

Since it IS masturbation month and all, I thought you deserved a treat:
how about a whole mini gallery of the masturbation pix that I haven’t had a chance to post yet!


It’s hard to be quiet when it feels so good!

Screw homework, sometimes you just have to find the nearest hard object and go!

That goes for [...]

Film Friday 75 – Sex Toys As Household Items?

Right, so I’ve told you how you can turn household items into sex toys, but have you ever thought about turning your sex toys into household items?!No?Me either…until I saw this commercial a few years ago:how wrong would it have been to see her lick batter off it at the end?!

Hey, don’t knock *caption*

Good morning and welcome to yet another super fun round of everyone’s favourite blog game – Show And Tell!

**cue applause**

Last time the image turned out to be harder than I expected, but you still did well, here are a couple of my favourites:“Girl taking notes: “Now, how does that make you feel? Blue Haired Girl: [...]

Cockblogging Wednesday 64

This week’s before and after shots come from Anand:
(click images to see him without the candy)

“here are pictures of my cock that I hope you enjoy.”

Shay’s Favourites – for Solo Play

Here at The S Spot, I’ve been lucky enough to review quite a few lovely toys for different companies. Some were duds and some were just plain amazing!

Since it’s May, this seemed like a good time to paw through my collection and present you with a couple of my favourite sex toys – the [...]

Reader Question – Is Masturbation Sex? 2 Answers

“My friend and I have been fighting recently over our opinions. He was taught that there were 3 types of sex (Anal, Oral and Intercourse.) while I was taught there are 4 (anal, oral, intercourse and masturbation. My question is: Is masturbation a sex, even if it is done alone?“

Exile and I decided to team [...]