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May Comes to an End

Oh no! Today is the last day of Masturbation Month!
Quick, you’d better go rub one out before the day is over!
Oh, but before you go, I was just wondering…

What do you think about while you masturbate?
Do you make up a fantasy? Do you just focus on the self stimulation?
Do you need to look at pictures?
I’ve been under the impression that creating fantasies is more of a “girl thing” to do, are there any guys out there who can prove this wrong?

Me, I think I pretty much always end up with fantasies about penetrative sex, which is a little strange because I usually only manipulate my clit.

Also, have you even been caught in the act?
Were there hilarious consequences?
Or was it like when I got caught? – the other person didn’t even know that they had caught me!

Tell me all sweet readers, tell me all!

24 comments to May Comes to an End

  • Dan

    My current partner and I have talked about this a lot, actually (although I have no idea why). Partly because we both make up fantasies or stories while doing it (and also sometimes with each other), and one of the interesting differences between us was that while I frequently fantasize about her, or other girls she knows I’m physically attracted to, she said she tends to fantasize about people in a more abstract sense.

  • rupert


    I combine both, look at video or stills and create fantasies in my head that might be totally non-related to the imagery at hand or only partially – I never fantasise about the image itself. I personally prefer to fantasise when I masturbate and they can get quite elaborate, I also have favourites that I might like to return to or use repeatedly for their effectiveness. So yes, fantasise a lot.

    May might be over but remember June is “Let’s pretend it is May all over again month” – not official as yet.


  • Rachel

    I guess it depends on my mood–sometimes I watch porn or look at pix, sometimes I read erotica, sometimes I just do my own thing and make up fantasies (which most often happens when I have been trying to get to sleep and start thinking that masturbating would be a great way to work off some excess energy). My fantasies are also usually about penetrative sex, even though I almost always just stimulate my clit.

    I don’t remember ever being caught–and I think that is probably something that would stick out in my mind.


  • Mike Stewart

    I suspect most of us males fantasize while we masturbate. I certainly do and have done so for the last 50+ years (really!) As teen boys our fantasies can be anybody from the girl next door to the babe behind the counter at McDonald’s to our best friend’s MILF to Lindsay Lohan or whoever you saw up there on the silver screen or on TV last night to certain sexy young Canadian sex columnists!

    As we get older…well not too much changes…at 66 I’m still jacking off to all of those fantasy figures…and more! That’s just what guys do…in my most humble and ancient opinion of course but definitely based on some life long experience in the wonderful sport of jacking off. Your fantasies can set you free!

    I’ve been caught a few times too. Most embarrassing was as an early teen when I was sitting naked on the toilet whacking off and my younger sister walked in on me. I forgot to lock the fucking door. Funny now but believe me it was not funny then! Another time I was jerking off in a laundromat (don’t ask!) and the owner, a middle aged Chinese woman suddenly surprised me coming out of a storeroom from hehind. Lesson there: there is a time to whip it out and a time to keep it zipped!

    Yeah folks Masturbation Month is over (sigh) but may it always be May in your pants! More I cannot wish you my friends! Now excuse me while I go…oh you know!

  • Rustie

    Well, as a guy I can tell you I fantasize a lot while jerking, but often it takes a hentai pic or something to give me a start. I rarely masturbate to erotic stories.

    Never been caught in the act. Weird, as often as I do it. I’ve been interrupted lots of times, but no one’s ever found out I was jerking.

  • Si

    as a guy i often fantasise about girls i know about them doing stuff to or with me i dont know why but it is just a such a big turn on
    i also like to imagine them saying things like yes and harder
    gets me going lol

  • exile

    fantasies are more a girl thing. watching or remembering some naughty sex is pretty much all us guys do.

    i’ve only been caught once. it was by my ex who had cut me off from sex. she started to laugh and i quickly reminded her why i had to take care of things myself.

  • George

    Fantasies about women I know works wonders. That seems to be the trend here with most of the males saying fantasies are involved.

  • Darryn

    hmmm, to this day i still havent found someone who mastrubates the ssame way i do…it is kinda like the prone position, but’s hard to explain….

    anyways, i really make up elaborate fantasies, even though i am a guy! then again, many people think im a little feminine…but that could just be coz i’m

    yeah….never been caught, coz i do it in my bed, and if someone walks in, it just looks like im sleeping (or lying down), so you can’t be sure if i’m masturbating….


  • Anonymous

    I’m a guy, and I usually have elaborate fantasies when I masturbate as well.

    just focusing on the sensations doesn’t seem to work for me, don’t ask me why >.>

  • Loving Annie

    Happy Thursday to you, Shay !

    I fantasize about who I’m sexually attracted to at the time… And usaully have a favorite fantasy I replay over and over…

    until finally that gets boring, and I think about another one — over and over…

    Usually he’s talking dirty to me while we’re doing whatever we’re doing… Describing what he wants to do, or what he’s going to do…

    Erotic stories like those from Violet Blue can get me off when I’m bored and looking for something new, but even then the fantasy (it’s) always about the guy I like, not a stranger, when I’m touching myself…

    I only rub my clit, too…
    Don’t know why, but vibrators bore me to tears and dry me up…
    And dildos are just too much effort — unless HE is using one on me !
    Guess when I’m by myself and aroused, I’m too lazy to put much work into anything but immediate gratification !

    Got caught once by my Mom when I was a teenager, and she was furious. Very embarrassing.

  • SJ

    I have an active imagination and I don’t waste it. I come up with elaborate fantasies when I masturbate. I do use videos too and like the written word. In other words everything goes :)

    Guess I’ve come close to being caught since ppl in my family used to -still do – walk in unannounced however if they had seen me they preferred not to acknowledge it.

  • Rupert

    I’m pretty much all of the above. Visual, audio, reading, fantasies, or sometimes just digging the sensation.

    And I wish my wife would go to bed so I COULD masturbate!!!

  • Anonymous

    Guys do it. Trust me.

  • Anonymous

    i dont fantasize really, i do when im not masturbating, like about what id like to do with/to my partner etc.
    but i tend to just concentrate on the clitoral stimulaion with my toys.
    i find that watching what im doing helps me orgasm as i can see And feel the sensations, ive tried doing it covered up but cos i cant see what im doing it doesnt work!
    although one of these days im gonna get caught for sure!

  • Lapis Ruber

    I usually fantasize about my wife doing all the things to me she never does in real life, like sucking me off or letting me fuck her on a beach, or letting me watch her while she masturbates. If I get hard watching or reading porn, I imagine us doing whatever it is that has turned me on. We’ve been married 32 years, I still love her and I cannot imagine life without her.

  • hc573

    I used to jerk off almost exclusively to videos of either women sucking cock or facial cumshots. Though I was very picky about my videos, and not just about the women; a cock that was ugly could ruin it for me too. I was also picky about where the cum landed – I didn’t like the messy shots where it got all over their face… I prefer it around and below the mouth predominantly… especially when some gets inside the mouth and she spits it out in a sexy way and lets it drip down her chin.

    While I still love those videos, I’ve now shifted to some fantasies of my ex-girlfriend… mostly about being sexually dominant and talking really dirty to her. It’s not the visualizations that get me going, it’s the dominance and dirty talk… And honestly I think it only works for me because I know she genuinely loved being dominated and talked really dirty to.

  • Elizabeth

    I masturbate when I’m driving long distance to keep awake. Sometimes trucks slow way down, but I stop doing what I was doing, pretend like I’m just driving and they get bored and leave me alone. The heart pumping from almost getting caught with my hand in the proverbial cookie jar keeps me awake for a long time after they pass.

    I usually think only about the sensations I’m feeling. I’m going to try the fantasy thing, though.

  • John Titor

    My fantasies are almost always tied to real world experience. Most often I fantasize about someone I’ve recently been with, but if it’s been a while, then sometimes it shifts to people I want to be with. (Yes all my ex’s, I probably have wanked to thoughts of you atleast a few times after we broke up)

    Porn is used when I need a quickie. If I need to get done in a minuite and a half? Hard-core porno movie (the audio gets me off, porn muzak is the bane of my existence). Pictures are appreciated, and are sometimes used before a masturbatory session to build up arousal.

    Fantasy creation? Yeah, normally nothing too involved, but many times I create logical reasons why me and that someone on the bus are doing the nasty. (In a bizzare, almost hentai like twist, when I was 13 I had a recurring fantasy that sperm cured a horrible disease, and I was the only man left on earth, and thus every woman I knew was compelled to have sex with me)… man, now i’m going to need to post under a pseudonym.

    I got caught once in residence in first year, roommate turned around and walked right back out the door. Invisible carrot.x

  • michael revooh

    lol this is funny well as for me i always fantasies & i have been caught & its funny cuz my step mom walked in & so i sprung up & purtended to just wake up & she handed me the phone & oddly enof it was the girl i had just been fantasising about

  • Frando

    i have a large collection of things to look at! lol, sometimes i think of my boyfriend as well… but he does it for me normally!

  • Anonymous

    Hi, my name is Sara
    ive never really been one to post at such places, i get real anxious and will want to remove my comment(i do this in person, too). But i guess since its what we’re talking about, i guess i should tell my story.

    A few years ago, not too long. it was about 6-7:00 in the evening. i was sitting under the covers to my bed harmlessly enjoying myself. i had my desk light on and it was pointed to this boy i liked at the time. it had another girl in the picture but, nothing a sharpie couldn’t fix. Anyways, i was sooooo close to orgasm when my mom comes in, i quickly stopped what i was doing and laid down really still, i hoped she thought i was sleeping. my heart is pounding. she flicks on my floor lamp and starts searching through my room. I look at her and ask her what she was doing. she looks up at me and says that shes looking for the pants i had borrowed from her. Unfortunately, those pants were in a crumpled heap near my feet(i still had one pant leg around my ankle). She starts cursing at how messy my room is, which it was, and then starts cleaning stuff off the floor and shes taking forever. while i’m laying here with all this pressure not to get caught, it happens. i blush, get rigid and really quiet and stop breathing for this fantastically poorly-timed moment. my mother looked up at me funny. “what’s?”, she asked. i “explained” that i was having really bad cramps or something and thats why i was trying to sleep. Fortunately she bought it, and said shed look for them some other time.

    i dont know, it might not be as bad as some of your stories but it makes me lock my doors now.
    Thanks for reading

  • Anonymous

    I Actually Fantasize all the time, sometimes of past situations that with maybe a little coercion i could have had sex. Sometimes in my college class I will sit and think about other students and maybe the hot female professor, I get so hard I dont know what to do….

  • ElegantSuccubus

    I have several masturbation techniques, all of which make use of my fleshlight… a pink lady wonder-wave placed in hot water for 10min. Damn, that feels good!

    First, I find that fantasizing yields the most powerful orgasms. However, this requires a certain amount of time dedication… If I have a time limit (i.e. have to be somewhere in an hour or something), this technique does not work since I cannot fully absorb myself in the fantasy and find myself thinking about how much time I have left rather than the fantasy itself.

    Typical fantasies include:
    - Reading through a Japanese language doujin and fantasizing about what the characters are saying. (I cannot read Japanese).
    - Thinking about a mainstream anime scene that I am very familiar with in my head and having it branch off into more “interesting” directions.
    - Lengthy staring at an appropriate breath-taking erotic drawing or photo and trying to determine the story behind the picture.

    Another masturbatory technique I use is to play a video (porn, hentai, movie) repeatedly, and try and time the peaks and valleys of my pleasure to those in the video. That can be VERY satisfying and can sometimes makes me feel like I am making love to the person in the video, even if they are animated.

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