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Film Friday 75 – Sex Toys As Household Items?

Right, so I’ve told you how you can turn household items into sex toys,
but have you ever thought about turning your sex toys into household items?!
Me either…
until I saw this commercial a few years ago:

how wrong would it have been to see her lick batter off it at the end?!

5 comments to Film Friday 75 – Sex Toys As Household Items?

  • A Nawty Mouz

    “Grandma, your cakes are always so good! What’s your secret?”

    “Honey, you don’t want to know … trust me.”

  • Gadfly

    Oh … God

    That’s almost like the cyber friend of mine who was wearing only a tiny undershirt and in the middle of a huge wet squishy finger frigging going on … and her mother walked in because the door wasn’t locked.

    And her mother was like: “what do you want for lunch? Why don’t you have panties on?”

    Holy fucking shit


  • rupert

    Off-topic but working along the same lines, has anyone edited out all the sex from a porn video and seen how it unfolds, I might do it for a lark.


  • Shay

    Nawty – haha!

    Gad – oh man!! That would have totally sucked!! Would that be worse than trying to explain to your nana why she can’t use that new mixer?

    Rups – Oh! I love that idea!! You should do it!

  • exile

    the creepy thing is that grandma knew exactly what it was

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