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Shay’s Favourites – for Solo Play

Here at The S Spot, I’ve been lucky enough to review quite a few lovely toys for different companies. Some were duds and some were just plain amazing!

Since it’s May, this seemed like a good time to paw through my collection and present you with a couple of my favourite sex toys – the toys that can make alone time a whole lot of fun!

First on my list is, of course, the toy that I will be getting just as soon as my futa penis grows in – the Fleshlight, kindly reviewed for me by Lou (who does have a real penis). He found it to be a great toy that can really take a pounding. ^_~ “The well-detailed insert is very pliable so that you can actually go deep inside the toy, unlike some other pussy-formed toys for men where the pussy lips are so rigid that you actually never feel like you are “all the way in.” Feel free to hammer away with the Fleshlight, it can take you deep and hard.

Probably my personal favourite, and something gets semi-regular use is the Mini Mite (or Pocket Rocket) mini vibe. It’s a small but powerful gem, it’s great for localized vibrations and both boys and girls can enjoy it (so can couples). “The mini mite is a powerful little vibe, which is great because it was really easily to maneuver and focus the powerful vibrations right where I wanted them. The waterproof-ness was also a great feature because playing in the shower (or tub) where you’re warm and slippery and soapy is a lot of fun (especially as the weather gets colder up here).

I do have another new vibe to try out, the Laya spot from Babeland – so watch for a review on this toy coming out in the next couple of weeks!

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