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Column News

The paper that I write for had their staff lunch and award ceremony yesterday afternoonand guess what! Your very own little Shay took home the award for Column of the Term!*pauses for applause*

In other news pertaining to my column, I got my second ever piece of hate mail! And since it was sent as [...]

Film Fridays 67 – Panty Swap

This vid seemed appropriate, what with all the panty discussion going on around here this week,plus, I’m a sucker for a good magic trick^_~

More Panties

I feel like there is a little confusion over Tuesday’s post and I would just like to clear some things up.

That post is talking about panty-sniffing as a masturbatory aid – in isolationIt’s not talking about enjoying sniffing the panties of your lover while she is wearing them, or after she has just taken them [...]

Cockblogging Wednesday 58

For CBW this week squiffy wanted to share two special images with you:

One of him just lounging around

And one of him playing with (or being played with by) a friend
I am really proud of the photoshopping I did on these two images – click them to see the “non-frosted” versions.

Reader Question – Double Answer to Panty Sniffing Worries

The other day, Exile and I decided to team up to answer a few of the interesting questions that I’ve received from a couple of readers. We tackled the following question first:“Hi Shay,Is it normal for guys to sniff used panties? I really have a strong urge for it. Am I ok?Thanks“

Exile says:“Is it [...]

Wow!I never expected you all to give me such an ego massage in response to yesterday’s post.Thank you so much to everyone who left a response – I don’t know what to say to your kind kind words!Except, you can stop now, you’re embarrassing me ^_~

Banner Contest Update

In case anyone was wondering, my banner contest is still going and I’m currently sitting here waiting patiently for your entries to come rolling in.

It’s very simple, just come up with a concept, an image, a clever quip and put it all together – heck I made the one up right now in about 15 [...]

Your Girl-Next-Door Sex Freak

Jim: have you ever gone out of the house without panties . . . on purpose?

me: yup

Jim: wow very nice . . . you’re not a squeaky clean as I’ve imagined, lol

me: HAHAHA! I didn’t know [...]

Sugasm #71

The best of this weeks blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants. Want in Sugasm #72? Submit a link to your best post of the week using this form.

This Week’s PicksRoué (“Her sighs of contentment build as my touch does its work.”

Wrong Number (“They said [...]

Reader Question – Fingerprints of Sperm

“Before I make a fool of myself I’d like to congratulate you on having a very exciting and insightful blog. I have a sexual question: A while ago I had quite a romp and by our fourth go at it, I was quite drained; I had no problem keeping it up, but was [...]