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Your Girl-Next-Door Sex Freak

Jim: have you ever gone out of the house without panties . . . on purpose?

me: yup

Jim: wow very nice . . . you’re not a squeaky clean as I’ve imagined, lol

I didn’t know you thought I was squeaky clean

I write a sex blog silly! ^_~
tee hee

Jim: yes, but you’re so nice and helpful about it . . . and you have such a girl-next-door look about you you’ve always kind of struck me as someone’s sister . . . and I become much better friends with your brother than I might otherwise, just so I can come over more to see you

me: haha
that’s fun! ^_^

What about you? What do I seem like to you? Do I seem like your quiet co-worker who bags her lunch? Or the one who wears skirts too short for the workplace (not that anyone complains)? Or like the girl who sits in front of you in class who always takes great notes? Or the girl who you notice sleeping through afternoon lectures?

Tell me tell me! I’m dying to know!

17 comments to Your Girl-Next-Door Sex Freak

  • Danielle

    You’re the girl I go to for sex advice, but don’t think necessarily has a lot of sex – and whom I would never say a derogatory thing about. You’re the girl I’m a bit envious of, actually; if only because you know so much!

  • Anonymous

    You are a mystery of more than one personae.

    One of you is a light, sprite girl who is constantly aware of herself, though not in a bad way, more experienced at this point in her life than she would maybe choose again a second time, generally pleased with herself and with the world, but wondering sometimes if there isn’t … more.

    Another of you is a whiz of a worker, grinding out what you do like pasta dropping repetitively from a stainless steel pasta machine with a hand crank on the side, looking often ahead and planning your future with dispassionate calculus, but willing sometimes to trade it all for being someone who can become lost, truly lost, in passionately loving those she cares about.


  • exile

    how i see shay:

    i see you as that girl who doesn’t talk about her sex life that much in public situations… but a wry smile often inhabits your lips as you think about all the things that no one could ever guess about you at first glance.

    a “slut in sheeps clothing” as you will

    “the sexiest part of a woman are the secrets she hides behind her smile” ~exile

    (yes, i just quoted my self…)

  • N

    I see you as a really smart hardworking Wiz – but behind the glasses, cute hair & modest clothes – lies a temptress… a godess of sexuality…

    I am sure you are one hell of a surprise for any guy (or girl) that you get with.

    Cheers from your old friend,

  • Cayman J

    You seem like the type of girl that packs here lunch, and you ARE the girl that sits in front of me in class and takes great notes because I was the guy that slept through class and asked for notes. But I know you are also not above skipping a class for some fun.

  • Anonymous

    I think of you as my big sister who knows a lot about the world and doesn’t mind it if her younger sister asked for advice that is really normal, actually. and you’re just like the girl who is too good to be true but still has some surprises up her sleeve. :D

    btw, i love your blog. i lurk around a lot but this is the first time i’ve commented. ^_^ More power, Shay-neesan! (hope you don’t mind that. :D)

  • Gadfly

    Although you are obviously a smart girl who is deeply into hot sex …

    You don’t come across as a girl who would get off on being called nasty names while having anal sex.

    No matter how graphic your sex talk can be — I just get a “nice girl” vibe from you. I dunno…

    And that might be a function of you limiting the inclusion of your personal experiences when you talk about sex. You don’t do much of the “I like to suck a cock this way” kind of narrative.

    You asked :o)

    PS: You do great work. We keep coming back ;-)

  • Shay

    Dani – tee hee but you gotta have some sex to know about it ^_~ you’re so sweet

    Anon1 – I love it! But I don’t think I would trade in my expiriences, they kinda make me who I am. ^_^

    exile – hehe ” a slut in sheep’s clothing” that’s so fun! I am a little more quiet about my sex life than I used to be, but I did used to pleasantly shock people ^_^

    N – haha! ^_^

    CayJ – hey that’s cheating! you actually knew me irl!

    Anon2 – Aww I always wanted a little sister ^_^ thanks for chiming in.

    Gad – haha I am a nice girl, but that doesn’t mean you can’t call me your little whore while you take me from behind ^_~

  • ArtfulDodger

    Like most great women, our Shay is a multifaceted mystery wrapped in a riddle. She is the kind of girl that is full of youthful energy, not overly bubbly, but held in check until needed, she delights in presenting a face to the world that is one thing and letting those close to her see yet another, part of the internal laughter she always has is based on what the rest of the world doesn’t know about her. Driven and intelligent, she is often bored by those who do not share her drive and zeel for life, but far to considerate of their feelings to say so. A loyal friend, but one easily hurt by an abuse of that friendship, she has always made easy friends, but only keeps a handful close to her. She will always keep pieces of childhood around her, even when she is older, as a way of connecting with her younger self, but she has always been, in many ways, more mature than others her own age. She stops to admire the sunrise and often mourns the sunset, but such thoughts never bring her down, in fact she is cheered by life and the world around her.

    And, let’s face it, she is just the cutest darn thing. :)

  • "squiffy"

    To me, you are an internet companion with which I can share both appropriate and inappropriate content with while surfing around. There is no pretense with you. I feel like I can talk about SPSS with you one minute and then how far my most recent cum shot flew with you another. While I agree with the other comments here about you being shy about your own sexual likes and dislikes, I think more of you (opinions, experiences, etc.) is posted in your blog then you would care to admit. You are someone that I want to get to know better and consider a good friend in a bizarre way. So, you are still coming to Vegas with me this week, right?

  • ~A-Lo~

    ahem…all I can say is still waters run deep ;-)

    You ain’t foolin’ no one girl!!

  • Alex

    I can’t put what I think you are in a comment. Let’s just say it’s all bad in a very, very good way ;)

  • ExplorEros

    To me, you are a friend first. Then mentor, coach, and a kind hand when I was brand-new at blogging my feelings. You are exotic — I hear stories about where you’ve been and lived, and I imagine a very beautiful, mysterious island-girl. Everyone knows you, and so I visualize being at a party, seeing you come in, and then everyone *else* sees you come in, and swarms over to greet you, while I had the idea first. However, I’m the last to leave, so I get a few words in at the end. You are a colleague, in that we share some similar parts of our background. You are a wonderful resource. You are loved.


  • AlwaysArousedGirl

    Oh I totally think Shay would get off from being called a little cock-whore while taking it in the ass.

    I think of Shay as the woman to whom I showed my naked pussy before she even bought me dinner.


  • justaguy

    I don’t know you but my perception based on your blog and our few emails is that you are bright, kind, hot-looking (based on the HNT), and open to life. Nice girls can be very, very sexy!

  • Anonymous

    I think a lot of sex bloggers blog for the attention. They crave the external validation to help them feel better about themselves.

    I think you’re different. You’re smart, confident, have a lot to offer , and you know it. While you like the attention you get from your blog, your self-esteem doesn’t depend on it. You’re just here to have fun, and maybe help people a few people along the way.

    … or I could be full of shit.

  • Gadfly

    Wow, my image of Shay is incompatible with a girl making impending orgasm sounds — which is what brings out the “you’re my little whore” copralalia*. And that’s goofy, because her ENTIRE SITE IS ABOUT FUCKING! But she seems like such a sweet girl, my initial thought is to kiss her on the forehead, not bend her over the sofa O_o Weird.

    Cuz my first thought about most hot girls is bending them over the sofa >:D

    * those clever psychologists, copra-lalia is literal Latin for “shit talk” but it’s the Victorian era term for talking dirty during sex.

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