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Reader Question – Double Answer to Panty Sniffing Worries

The other day, Exile and I decided to team up to answer a few of the interesting questions that I’ve received from a couple of readers. We tackled the following question first:
Hi Shay,
Is it normal for guys to sniff used panties? I really have a strong urge for it. Am I ok?

Exile says:
Is it normal to sniff used panties? Well, my friend, to field this question we must first break down your query into it’s key elements. In our society we often find ourselves striving to categorize and label people and their behaviors to better understand them. The term “Normal” it’s self is pretty relative, there are some tribes deep in the heart of the rain forest that
insert large clay disks into their children’s lips that would shun us in the civilized world for performing circumcisions on children of the same age.

As for the act of sniffing panties, it is a result of modern man confronting his primitive instincts. Man was once ruled by his these instincts, it drove him to seek out a mate and breed. These instincts were, and still are, triggered by pheromones, and seeing as though men are drawn to these scents they try and go for the source, which is interpreted as the “vagina.”

But to answer your question, no, it’s not normal.

Lucky for you that’s not really important.
See, the world if full of people labeled as “freaks,” and they never really feel like they belong unless they find someone else that they can belong with. Oh, and if you are looking for someone to be a freak with, the internet is a great place to start.

The truth is that if you enjoy taking a woman’s panties, boiling them, and drinking the broth it’s completely O.K., so long as you find someone who shares your “special interests.”

Shay (me) says:
I agree with Exile, no sniffing panties isn’t considered normal, but there’s not nessaerily anything wrong with not being normal AND enjoying panty sniffing actually isn’t that unusual, though perhaps obsessing about smelling panties is.

Panty sniffing is generally a harmless fetish, it doesn’t hurt anyone (unless you’re stealing their panties without permission) and it’s certainly not dangerous (well, maybe a slight risk of suffocation) or illegal.

In fact, if you think about it, panty sniffing kinda makes sense – let’s follow the logic:
Straight men (among others) like vaginas ->
Panties are where vaginas live ->
Used panties smell like vaginas

Thus it’s not that far a stretch to see how a straight man (and other people interested in women) might become interested in used panties as a masturbatory aid/fetish object.
In fact, it’s very common for fetish objects to be objects that are associated with intimacy and smells. Scent is closely tied to memory which gives items like used panties an ability to evoke a lot of conscious and unconscious emotional responses.

So, in conclusion, using panties as a masturbatory aid isn’t really all that strange, it’s more like porn for your nose as opposed to porn for your eyes – so yes, I would say that you’re “ok”.

But if you find that you’d rather sniff panties than be with a real woman (or man) then you’d have, what we call in the biz, a fixation that could be unhealthy.

18 comments to Reader Question – Double Answer to Panty Sniffing Worries

  • Man Misbehaved

    My answer is: It’s a very normal thing to do. Which guy doesn’t love to smell a beautiful woman’s pussy?

  • Pure Evyl

    I am a corrections officer. Recently, an inmate at the facility that I work at, was fired from his work detail. He worked in the laundry. He was stealing used panties of female inmates and reselling them in his dorm for commisary items. I never found out the going rate for a used set of panties. I suppose that for some the imagination in a shower stall needs a little help every now and then.

  • Holy Visile

    My man has been known to sniff my panties, and I have been known to smell his underwear or swimming trunks.
    -The Holiest

  • Anonymous

    Shay, you surprise me that you don’t know this: In Japan (I don’t know about Asia, in general), panty sniffing is normal and they have vending machines with them!

    -loyal lurker

  • Shay

    MM – sure, it can smell great ^_^ That’s what I’m saying hehe

    PE – oooh see, stealing panties isn’t nice, but I can see why they’d want it.

    HV – there you go.

    Anon – haha don’t worry, your dear Shay isn’t in the dark about the sale of used panties, I just didn’t want to get into that right here. Also, I don’t think that you can buy them in vending machines anymore. ^_~

  • Cherrie

    Perhaps there is another explanation: the pheromone theory? Not every man has this fetish, but quite a few do, so I’m not sure I’d hang the “abnormal” tag on it.

  • Shay

    I believe we covered the pheromones theory, but thanks for commenting. ^_^
    Also, you’d be surprised by what can technically be considered “abnormal”

  • Gadfly

    Exactly. How does one define “normal”

    And does not the way a person defines normal, not define them also?

    On the phone is NOT the “next best thing to being there.” On the phone with a pair of her panties near your nose is the next best thing to being there ;-)

    Being more interested in the panties than the poonanie — that will be your neurotic fetish requiring treatment.

  • Eve in Chains

    I sent someone a pair of my panties through the U.S. mail, once. (If you go to my site you can read about it.) All I can say is, Gadfly, you are so right about having props for phone sex. Once he got them, my guy was in heaven.


  • Eve in Chains

    Sorry, I meant to give you this link to Lingerie.

  • Dirty Filthy Princess

    I think that’s the crux of the matter. Do you like the smell and then move on to wanting to masturbate or have sex with a woman? I’d use the phrase normal. Is panty sniffing all you want to do? Probably an unhealthy fixation, yes.

    Great answers!

  • kindabiz

    panty sniffing …. totally normal !

  • exile

    i hang a pair of panties from my review mirror in my truck as an air freshener

  • Anonymous

    i steal panties from hampers at any opportunity. i love to sniff them and suck on them and masturbate. i have a girlfriend and i live a normal life. i just like used panties indtead of porn to whack off with.

  • Anonymous

    I am married with four kids and I love to smell my wifes panties. She thinks it’s weird but she plays along. Sometimes when I travel for work she will give me her panties and I will use them to masturbate, it’s better when she is on the phone with me.

  • Lolly

    I sell my worn panties and keep a blog about it…

    I don’t thing there’s anything ABnormal about it.

  • Mike

    Just found your blog and can i add my pennies worth..I`m a collector of womens used panties or as i prefer to say used knickers! ;)
    I`m a “normal” family guy but who has a “fetish” your worn knickers. In fact i have a pair of Lolly`s in my collection.

  • Very interesting site. Hope it will always be alive!

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