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Rock, Paper, Strip

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That’s right, someone has made a DVD of your favorite drinking game from your co-ed college days. It’s called Amateur vs AD ~ Rock Paper Scissors Gamee (I’m not sure what the AD stands for).

The crew of this film (apparently) recruited girls off the street to play a strip version of rock paper scissors. Every time a participant loses, she has to take off an item of clothing. Once she gets down to her lacy undergarments, she has a choice: either strip down to total nudity OR try a physical challenge.
As you can guess, hilarity and erotic-ness ensue.

Ah but I’m sure you’re wondering what kind of physical challenges the girls are invited to attempt. Instead of stripping down, the girls can opt to:
perform oral sex on friends,
deep kiss each other,
have other staff members use vibrators on them
and “much more”

In addition, the “female Assitant Director” decides to participate in the fun. She “helps” these ladies by fondling them from behind and “even tests her own skills in this game of chance”.

I can’t fully believe that the girls in the video are really taken right off the street (but you never know – it might just be a “girls gone wild, Japanese style” type of thing), but I think the concept is really cute.
I know that my dormmates were always looking for new and exciting ways to get naked, so I’m actually surprised that we didn’t come up with this idea first!

You can check it out at J-List.

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6 comments to Rock, Paper, Strip

  • Wino & Wife

    Sounds like lots of fun. May have to try it at our next party.

  • JUnderCovers

    My favorite rock-paper-scissors quote:

    Lisa: “Poor Bart, he always picks rock.”
    Bart: “Good ol’ rock, nothing beats that.”

  • ArtfulDodger

    ok, i’m still stuck on your dorm friends trying to find ways to get naked…. what school did you go to? And why was I at the one on Bizarro world?

  • DZER

    sounds fun ….

    AD = assistant director, no?



  • Shay

    W&W – oo take pictures!

    J Under – I love you!! That was a fabulous quote!!

    Art – haha Well it’s not like it was all of them all the time. ^_~ But there were some fun parties in the basement rooms.

    Dzer – ASSistant Director hmm that sounds like it could be it! Very clever!

  • Sheen V

    Wow! That’s a game I’d love to play!!

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