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Product Review - Spikey Pink Balls

After writing This (fantastic) guide to Ben Wa Balls, I decided that I had to try them out for myself, so I ordered a set of the Pink Pleasure Balls from Lovedreamer.

I originally chose these balls because they have cute little jelly nodules and I thought that they would feel really sexy when I used them. The balls are weighted, so that I could experiment with the rolling of the weights, which is supposed to be the main attraction of Ben Wa Balls. They also are attached together with a string (so I couldn’t lose one inside me – phiew).

My order came with a free porn DVD so I decided to check that out on the same night that I tested the pleasure balls. (Remember the problem I had the first time I tried the Dilwood?)

What I liked: I did like how the nodules felt on the outside of my vulva, they were pleasantly stimulating, on the outside. I also was very glad that the balls had not only a string attaching the two together, but also a loop at one end so that I could get them back out!

What I didn’t like: I did not like how the nodules felt when it came time to slide the balls in and out. It found it bordering on painful, but stuck it out so that I could properly test the toy (you see what I do for you?!). Once I had pushed the balls past my tighter opening, I didn’t feel the nodules anymore which was both a relief and a bit of a disappointment because they didn’t really do anything on the inside.

Once I had the balls fully inserted, I tried walking and moving around to experiment with the weights. Unfortunately I couldn’t really feel the weights, so that was another disappointment.

This toy would be great for: Well, I don’t really feel like I can recommend this particular pleasure ball set to others, because I found the nodules unpleasant during insertion and removal (though they felt pretty good externally). But a woman who is less sensitive than I might still enjoy these Pink Pleasure Balls .

If I try Ben Wa balls again, I would want something like THIS or something squishy and smooth like the Lover’s Pleasure Balls.

The Pink Pleasure Balls from Lovedreamer get a half out of ten.

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13 comments to Product Review – Spikey Pink Balls

  • Pornster

    I bought one of those “Mr. Limpys” you said you wanted one in an earlier post. Just for the fun of it. (Okay, I ordered a fleshlight the same day…)
    I really wouldn’t have expected those things to be so limp, but their name is program: it’s a limp penis, but very realistic. When you play with it, you almost expect it to grow in an instant.
    But I doubt if you can make good use of it, either.

  • DZER

    whew! I almost was going to give these as a wedding shower gift! Heh.

    Thanks for doing the reviews … you’re such a giver, looking out for all of us *smooch*

  • Shay

    Pornster – Well I’m assuming that the fleshlight also lived up to it’s reputation? ^_~ Heh, you can always send the Limpy to me!

    Dzer – Excellent! Another vagina saved by Shay!

  • Desireous

    I was thinking those nodules wouldn’t feel too nice the moment I looked at them! Thanks for confirming.


  • figleaf

    I am just *so* not qualified to comment with authority on what would or would not feel nicer on the inside, Shay, but! I have talked to people who’ve used them, and other insertable designed-exercise equipment, and I get the impression that if the balls are very smooth they move around a lot more easily. The nodules look soft but I’d think they would tend to mesh together and ruin the effect. (Assuming they have an effect at all, and you’re way better equipped to find that out.)

    Take care,


  • Pornster

    Yeah, the fleshlight is great. First time was the best, though. It seems like I’m having some problems lately getting that thing properly lubed.

    Believe me, I would send you the Mr. Limpy, but the Swedes have crazily high shipping costs.

  • Big Ed

    Hehe I love your reviews…

    And yes, I must admit that although I have known people who have tried them, most of them have said they never really saw the attraction ;-)


  • lildirtynini

    Mmmm, thanks! = ) Cant try those now..!

  • Strumpet

    I’ve never tried the Ben-Wa.

    I apprecatie the review.

    However, what would really turn me on…

    ….is WATCHIN’ you try them on for size.

    Reading your review turns me on in ways ….

    Fuck….I just really need to go play with myself right now.

    You rock!

  • :P fuzzbox

    Those things look painful. They look like ben wa hedgehogs.

  • Datingmaster, Jerusalem

    so its amixture of pleasure and pian? any way come over for soem secrets-yours and mine

  • JeN

    I think the Mr Limpy is for women to wear in the crotch of your pants to give the impression of having a package.

    That’s just a guess having not seen a Mr Limpy in particular but I have seen the limp penis models in a few sex stores.

    As for the spiky nodule balls, they look like pom-pons from space or something. Creepy!

  • Shay

    Des – really? I thought they would be cool… until I tried them.

    Fig – Hmm thanks for your input fig! Maybe the nodules did make them more sticky and that’s why the were a bit dull inside.

    Pornter – haha I guess you really have to use a lot of lube with those, what with all the ridges and such.

    Ed – Aw you’re such a sweety! thanks!

    Strumpet – Ooo ^_~ I’m glad I could send you to bed with a smile.

    Fuzz – haha well they weren’t painful the whole time, but yes.

    DM – Hm not really a mixture, more like one and then the other.

    JeN – Oh, check out the Mr Limpy at Fleshlight, I love them!

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