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Merry Sexmass

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December is a stressful time.
As students we have a lot on our plates: final projects, exams, parties, gift-buying, not to mention organizing trips home to visit the folks. And I know my non-student readers have their own stresses like work, organizing family visits, shopping, and cooking – to name a few.

But it doesn’t have to be so stressful — this is supposed to be a magical time! Last week I told you a few methods that you can use to bring a little sexy back into your holiday season. But now I’m here to show you how this season is just naturally sexy and how it can be great for your sex life.

For instance, if you are single, holiday parties are a great way to meet new prospective partners —everyone is feeling festive and generous, especially after a little eggnog. Other singletons might already be thinking about finding a date to kiss on New Years’ Eve, and you could be that special someone.

Once you’ve got someone interested, this season lends itself to a veritable plethora of sexy and romantic dates. You can bake naughty gingerbread people together, go for a walk in a local park to see the light displays and sneak a quickie behind the trees; curl up in front of your TV — set to the fireplace channel, of course — and experiment with peppermints and oral sex; or even feel like a kid again, running around outside making anatomically correct snow persons!

And let’s not forget the inherently sexy holiday staple: mistletoe — the plant that mysteriously forces people to kiss whilst standing under a sprig. Even when it’s fake, the only real rule is that you have to kiss; no one says you can’t kiss with tongue, and I’ve certainly never heard any stipulations about what you can or cannot do with your hands while under the spell of mistletoe — if you catch my drift. ^_~

This season also brings us uniquely sexy outfits: the Mrs. Claus negligee, the Santa hat (with little or nothing else), the reindeer antlers and the bows that barely conceal your naughty bits. These costumes are perfect for a little holiday themed role-playing. You could re-enact the first time Mrs Claus sat on Santa’s lap and something came up, take turns unwrapping each other, or try doing it “reindeer style.”

This time of year is a great opportunity to try something new in your relationship — or many new things — heck, make a list and check it twice! You could do something like 12 days of new sex positions: “on the fifth day of Christmas/Chanukah/ Kwanza/Eid/Festivus my current love gave to me: five golden orgasms!”

Why is this such a perfect time to get some action? Because it is such a stressful time for many people – orgasms are an excellent stress reducer; they can help you fall asleep; and even enhance your self esteem!
And, for the students, it’s exam time. What does special holiday sex have to do with exams, you ask (unless you’re particularly close with your TAs)? Well, sex has even been linked with better performance on tests — assuming you didn’t spend the whole night boinking instead of studying. (The knowledge has to get in there in first, kids.)

So Don’t forget to have a little fun and enjoy the sexiness of the season in between your shopping, exams, baking, parties and whatnot — and when you see your friends and classmates/co-workers — heck, even strangers — walking around in these next few weeks, with their heads ducked into their coats against the wind and cold and snow, be sure to shout “Merry Sexmass” to remind them too.

5 comments to Merry Sexmass

  • Violetta

    Thanks to all your suggestions with dildos. Great ideas for presents.

    But I by myself masturbate with candles because it’s christmas time.

  • Shay

    A candle, eh? ^_^ Do you add a new one every week?

  • Violetta

    @ shay

    every day, every day. As you can see on my movies….

    Have a nice pre Christmas time….

  • Anonymous

    Great article shay! As always…

    Looking at the picture, and since everyone beat me to our chance to ask you questions, here’s an early one for the next go around:
    Have you ever had a homosexual encounter? Either 1-1 or with a man present. And if not, have you ever fantasized about it?

  • Bi-Traveler

    That is a great graphic! Tender and sexy, both. A great kiss. A great ass grab. Nice.

    I hope you have many stress-reducing, pre-exam, moments.

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