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Period Sex?

I have always been SO confused by the commercials for menstrual products showing women in white clothes.  My thoughts have always been: “dude, that’s just asking for trouble – what are you thinking?!”

On a similar vein, I’ve been trying to convince my roommate to be more open to having sex with a partner when she’s on her period – because she always seems super bummed that she has to go a week without sex.

I’ve tried telling her that it’s fine – you just have to be a little more careful if you don’t want to make a mess.
I’ve also told her that it can feel really great and helps with cramps!

But she’s still unconvinced.

So, what do YOU think about having sex or masturbating on your period?
For my hetero guys and lovely lesbians, what do you think about having sex with a woman who is on their period?
Acceptable? Gross? Awesome? Meh?
I’d like to hear read your thoughts!

Psst – I’ve also made a poll about this over in Eden Fantasy’s forums.

24 comments to Period Sex?

  • IDiom

    Not as disgusting (icky) as I once imagined. Yes there is blood (and ‘gunk’ sometimes), but by and large whether you are having safe sex or are in a fluid-bonded relationship it isn’t as bad as you might imagine it to be.

    Having said that I haven’t been game enough to try cunnilingus, the idea doesn’t appeal to me.

  • Aguy

    As a hetro guy I have to say this: get over it. Aside from the fact that my sheets are trashcan bound, I couldn’t care less about a woman having her period. What is and isn’t gross is (to some extent) a learned thing, not a “true about the world” thing.

    And honestly, being cool about periods is probably one of the shortest routes to good will from your lady I can think of (doing the dishes without being asked seems to be marginally faster).

    So buy a large, dark colored towel you don’t plan on using and go to town. There is no reason not to.

  • Sheppardde

    I’ve never really had any issue with it personally. I mean on the first day or so I’ll usually insist on showers for oral just because occasionally it can get a little messy(especially when you have a goatee), but I’ve certainly never had a problem “spending quality time” with my partner during her time. In fact sometimes it feels like she’s a little more lubricated, and that’s always a nice thing.

    On the downside she used to claim that my beard tickled way more during her time, and as such I’ve been looking at razors. Pity.

  • RaspK

    While I have no fetish with sex during periods (I’ve heard of one such case), I definitely have no issue either; I’ve only ever done it with a condom on during the menstruation of my partner, but I might do without if she’s cleared up (the interesting thing being that lubrication and sex seems to do that progressively after a time), and oral is really possible, and not at all bad the times I have tried it if she has taken a shower.

    Know that women’s reactions will depend accordingly; my mate loves me for being capable of doing that without freaking out, an older partner liked it, whereas another was really embarrassed (her talent).

  • Hey Shay;
    I wrote this post about period sex almost 3yrs ago and it still gets tons of hits.

  • squirrel

    I’m always game for sex during my menstruation, well usually not the first day, but after that… It’s a bit less free, if you care at all about your sheets. The shower can however be used to solve this problem. I used to use these tampons (sponges-sea pearls) and i could have sex with them still inside of me. My guys could never tell a difference. Now I’ve switched to a silicone diva cup because it’s more cost effective and what not so I miss out on that benefit.

    And yes, a guy who refuses and is grossed out by menstrual sex is definitely off the list of potential lovers.

  • Absolutely. I will have sex and masturbate during my period. Sylvanus, my husband, doesn’t mind it one bit. Oh and have I mentioned it makes my period disappear faster?!? Also lessens the amount of flow.

  • Jo

    My boyfriend and I talked about this not so long ago and he said that he would be up for giving period sex a go, if I wanted to. He seemed to think it mattered more how I felt and whether I would feel comfortable with it.
    I get super horny just before and all the way through my time of the month, but I also get super (as in ow don’t touch me there!!!) sensitive, so sex would probably be uncomfortable.

    I don’t think its gross, though I’d be very particular about using a condom…not sure why.

  • rose

    Wow I can’t believe how many people say they do! I don’t just because I don’t like it, and it actually turns me off being in that sort of messy unpleasant situation. Ewww! :D

  • Singular Quartet

    It’s been a while since I last had bloody sex with my fiance, but as long as we can wash off afterwards (or do it while we’re washing), it’s alright. We haven’t lost any sheets to it (we generally put down a towel we don’t care about first), but we do both find it fun.

  • thenightgoddess

    I have sex while im on my period all the time. My boyfriend doesnt mind at all having sex while im on it it actualy makes me feel more wet which he really likes. Its alittle more messy but barely I just wipe myself off with a towel and he doesnt even care so he does nothing. I almost never get it on anything and even when I do I dont really care. The one thing he wont do other then lick me when im on it is finger me he says blood on his hands bothers him to much. I actualy had period sex two days ago.

  • I have sex and masturbate on my period all the time! My boyfriend doesn’t mind one bit and doesn’t get grossed out by it all. It’s no big deal to clean off with a towel and wash the sheets.
    I don’t even think twice nor does my partner!

  • Hardin Reddy

    Dark towels save the sheets, and my impression is that women appreciate feeling desirable and sexy during this time.

  • Phate

    Anyone who refused to have sex with me during my period would be someone I would never be with but thankfully my current boyfriend and most likely permanent mate has no problem with it. I wasn’t so sure how he would feel about it at first but we’re both really kinky and into some pretty weird things so period sex would really just be like regular sex to us.

  • Phate

    Also to anyone who complains about the mess; sex is messy regardless. You are going to ooze fluids out whether you are menstruating or not. I can understand not wanting to do it if you have terrible cramps like I do, but if I take some painkillers and it goes away, I’m more than ready to have sex.

    You shouldn’t rule sex out just because you or your mate is bleeding a bit.

  • Racheal

    I’ve read that your period stops during sex. Also, the vagina is inflamed and more sensitive. It’s tighter. I have never ruined my sheets having sex while on my period. I’ve never had any more of a mess than I would normally. Period sex is pretty great if you ask me.

  • Phate

    Rachael, it doesn’t really stop but for some women it might seem to. My flow always stays the same or even increases during sex or masturbation, likely because of increased uterine contractions. I always get ‘messy’ regardless but it’s not something that bothers me because sex is supposed to be messy.

  • Shay

    Racheal PLEASE click some of the other hotlinks (the words in blue) in the post above :)

  • we like to roleplay that I am a virgin during my peroid, he shoves in and there’s blood… Its a lot of fun!


  • Milky

    I’m hornier on my period! But I’ve only done this with long-term boyfriends. I need to be really comfortable with the person and in a committed, exclusive relationship. Since blood is involved, I feel like it’s as dangerous as “bareback”, and I’ve only done it with someone I really trust, and after both partners are tested and we’re 100% confident we don’t have an STD.

  • N-Pow

    I mean, I’ve never met a guy who wasn’t up for it but that doesn’t change my mind even a little bit :P
    Also, I find that I can’t orgasm on my period, even when just masturbating by myself. So to each their own.

  • Racheal

    I don’t remember where I read that. I know that I bleed less when I’m horny and never seen blood while or for about an hour after I have sex or masturbate while on my period. My flow isn’t any heavier after either.

  • Rae

    I haven’t had sex (or oral) on my period, so I can’t say for sure, but I don’t think the sex part is that big of a deal. I masturbate on my period pretty regularly (especially because I’m ridic horny the last couple days of my period), and I agree with Mina – it makes mine go away faster! I’ve actually used masturbation as a way to get rid of my period before the weekend (if at all possible) so I don’t have to worry about it when I go out! Fabulous trick. So period sex – yes. Period oral? Eh, I don’t think that would be for me. I would be way beyond self-conscious having a guy go down on me while I’m bleeding. There was a scene in a Philip Roth book that had that and it reminds me of that, and since I hated the protagonist of that book it just sort of ruined the very thought for me. :-P

  • Rae

    Ok, anyone know how I can get rid of the little picture that attaches to my email? I didn’t do it through my actual email account and now I can’t get the thing off!

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