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Hair Trimmers are Your Friend

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My question is, i have a male friend (im a girl) who im very sexually open with, and we have a lot of fun together with no strings attached, but i’m curious about his penis. i gave him a blowjob, and he has a lot of hair. it seemed to me like the hair was actually keeping it from erecting fully. is that medically possible? i didnt want to ask him about trimming it until i was sure or not. thank you so much for reading this, and even more so if you can respond!

Well, unless his pubes are constricting around his shaft (which I kinda doubt) I don’t think it’s possible for his hair to keep him from becoming fully erect. HOWEVER, it is VERY likely that a thick bush could be hiding a lot of his erection from you, which is a shame.

A lot of guys don’t think about grooming their crotch – even the ones who have carefully crafted facial hair – somehow it just escapes their attention (also a lot of them are lazy).  But what they don’t realize is that, besides the ickiness of getting hair in your mouth when you try to go down on them, they are also hiding away a section of their penis from your view.

It usually doesn’t matter too much when you’re having sex, because your bodies will push the hair down and away most of the time, but it does matter for appearance and oral sex.  That’s how guys can gain an inch or two just by trimming – because with the hair trimmed back, everything looks neater and longer.

I have written a post about asking a partner to start better pubic grooming habits that you might find useful, you can check it out HERE.


8 comments to Hair Trimmers are Your Friend

  • aag

    I wonder is he circumcised?

  • Hugo

    just asking… i have a electric beard trimmer: does it work just the same for the pubic hair? do i have to clean it in any special way afterwards?

  • Hugo

    speaking of pubic hairs: my girlfriend does not shave or wax or anything, so she have a big bush; i’m used to get some of her hairs when i go down there doing oral sex, and i don’t find it uncomfortable at all
    i’ll ask her if she would like me to shave down there… and i’ll comment here what happened

  • NDO

    I use my beard trimmer, with the guard on the lowest setting. I used it without the guard once, but I would not recommend it, as the loose skin can get caught in the teeth easier. You must be careful, because you can get your skin caught! As long as you shower before trimming, you don’t need any special cleaning method though.

  • The Barking Dog

    What exactly was the point of adding “also a lot of them are lazy”? A lot of females are lazy and those which seem to take a lot of care about their appearance have screwed priorities, they are lazy just in other ways.

    Not every woman likes shaved crotches. Since I’m not in a relationship sexually or otherwise, I don’t shave my crotch at all. Occasionally I trim it for greater justice. Since shaving has absolutely nothing to do with hygiene, I see no point in it whatsoever. If you think it’s lazy to avoid pointless work that nobody would even notice, that’s fine by me.

    If I had a friend girl or whatever, I wouldn’t mind shaving, trimming or letting it grow. That would be completely up to her preferences. Of course that means initially she might be disappointed because my crotch is not in the desired state. If we’re not able to express such simple wishes about the private appearance of each other, the relationship is completely doomed. Same goes for my porno blank and my thigh brush. Hint Ladies: They’re both removable within minutes and grow back within days. If you judge guys by any of this, well you deserve what you end up with.

  • Tank

    hey now, im not lazy. i proudly trim myself every other Friday! and i agree, it does make everything neater. i look fuller and bigger when im trimmed. now its in the right place

  • Shay

    AAG – Hmm, I don’t know. :)

    Hugo – I don’t see why you’d need to clean the trimmer a special way afterward: it’s just hair. But yeah, just make sure your hair is relatively clean and totally dry and you should be fine (if it’s wet the hair will clog in the trimmer).
    If you don’t mind her hair then that works out well for both of you ^_^ Of course it might be interesting to see how things look after a little trim – no need to fully shave.

    NDO – Ouchies! Yeah, you def will want to be careful down there!

    Barking Dog – Why so angry? Sheesh!
    Lots of people get lazy with their appearance, I stand by my statement. Also, we’re not talking about shaving, we’re talking about trimming the hair back. And I don’t think everyone who trims only does it to impress other people; I know guys who trim because they enjoy it themselves, they like to look neat no matter if no one else gets to see it.
    Obviously people need to make allowances in relationships and be prepared to voice their preferences – but if we lived in a perfect world where people aren’t so shy/wacky, I’d have very little to write about! haha

    Tank – hehe that’s awesome dude, thanks for speaking up!

  • Bonus – trimmed hair = less sweat.

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