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ED and Disappearing Cum?

hey there ive recently come in contact with The S Spot and i have a question, Is there such a thing as too much masterbation? i ask this cause i saw somwere that excessive masterbation can lead to ED, and i was just wondering if this is true or more of the anti masterbation lies that are spread through our media

It doesn’t make sense to me that masturbation would lead to an Erectile Dysfunction – as far as I know the only thing that can happen to your body with excessive masturbation is maybe some cramping in your arm and possibly a little chafing. Sounds to me like that was some anti masturbation propaganda!

[However, it can depend on HOW you masturbate: see my post on TMS.]

These next two questions are from the same guy, but I sure you would have been able to guess that. ^_~

Recently Iv gotten into bed sex, rubbing my cock on the bed while I hold my pillow. I try not to apply too much pressure but is this bad for my health as the cum may not be getting outside? What happens to it if it doesnt come out? The next morning it appears nothing is left inside.

Perhaps you are just orgasming without ejaculating, it can be done.

I can’t imagine that you’d be able to exert the amount of pressure required to block off your urethra (since your penis has special erectile tissue around the urethra to protect it from collapsing) or that that amount of pressure could feel good and wouldn’t cause permanent damage.

One again, see my post on TMS.

Thanks for the reply but I was focusing on the cum that stays inside my cock if i dont get it all out, what would happen?

Ooooh why didn’t you say so!?

Are you checking your sheets in the morning and feeling like there isn’t as much cum as you thought there’d be on them?  Don’t worry, any ejaculate that doesn’t make it out (there’s usually traces of it left behind even with normal sex or masturbation) hangs out in your urethra until you pee, then it pretty much all gets pushed out.  You see, your urine and your ejaculate use a lot of the same plumbing (see the sexy diagram HERE).

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