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Archive for November, 2005

Cock Blogging Wednesday 7

Wow! These weeks are just flying by aren’t they?! It’s already time for another cockblog entry – gosh, I feel like my little blog is being overrun with cock pictures – maybe I should pick a day to do female anatomy shots too. Any suggestions?
Anyway, no matter how many cocks on my blog – one [...]

What’s in a Name

The right YES can be VERY Arousing:“Do you like this?” – “yes”“Do you want me to keep going?” – “yes!”“Are you ready to cum?” – “Oh Yes!!”
Yoinked from Nara and AAG

"Hey! I’m Ready for Reproduction!"

A cute little movie about puberty and “crazy changes” going on in your pants. ^_^
(I bet the character on the far left’s name is “Tina”)
Click HERE and then “watch this movie” (next to the little picture of the penis head)

Product Test – Oo Sponge I Like

I’m a water addict, so the idea of a waterproof vibrator inside a sponge was very appealing to me. The “Sponge-u-like” vibe sponge comes in three different incarnations: the penis, the breast, and the strawberry. I chose the strawberry because it was very cute, had a good shape, and would look great hanging in my [...]


For those of you who (like me) aren’t football fans; here are some videos of sporting events that might be a little more interesting for you. (darn, and the summer games aren’t for another 3 years!) If the links won’t work from this site click HERE


An older site – but a good one. Check out [...]

The Hair Down There

[N.B. "Tiny Time Vortex" is my handle]J Man says:Shay, can I ask you a question?
Tiny Time Vortex says:anytime, anywhere
J Man says:I want to clean up my hair… down there… for my date tonight. But I’m not really sure how
Tiny Time Vortex says:Oh!
Tiny Time Vortex says:Well for starters you could grab a pair of small scissors [...]

Bloggasm #10

Ahh! No! Don’t Come In! (
A Thanksgiving Hand Spanking (
Design A Contest, Win A Paddle or Flogger (
Edges – Part I – A Story of Rape, Compliciity and ConsentFuck Google (
Girls Kissing (
How to Make a Video Podcast – Part 1: Creative Planning (
Karly’s Visit to the Hairdresser – by Joe (
My deep, dark secret [...]

"Can’t I at least SEE them!?"

I was recently talking about one of my friends with another friend as we walked home from campus together.
This friend [the one we were talking about, not the one I was talking to] has, happily, just gotten into a great new relationship with a lovely girl and was telling me about how wonderful is it [...]

First 10,000 !!

Lou has reminded me that my little hit counter just recently rolled over the 10,000 mark!!In fact, I just got an e-mail from the site that hosts the little map I have [ down there on my side bar], saying that I was getting too many hits and they were going to decrease how often [...]

Cock Blogging Wednesday 6

This week I have the fabulous Ronan for your viewing pleasure. He has sent me a photo that includes a little more than his cock, I hope you don’t mind. ^_~
“I am playing with modeling on various sites… currently [I am] on
I like your blog, and the fact that you are studying to [...]