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Archive for September, 2005

Obviously it doesn’t make you Blind….

Congratulations to Lillie who won my fabulous “spot the sex toys” contest!She found all 6 AND e-mailed her answer to me first ^_^

Lillie’s prize [ a flavoured condom and some lube] is in mail right at this very moment!
Good Luck Next Time Porn Fans!

"Take Matters Into Your Own Hands" Regularly

I was talking to a friend online the other day, and he revealed to me that (among other things) he’s given up masturbation. Now it’s not like he gets laid on a regular basis (or at all for the past year +) so giving up masturbation seemed a tad unhealthy to me.
I was pretty [...]

Lewd Photos of your Gran

What is it about “accidental” and semi nudity that is so sexy!?
Web surfing last night I found a whole serries of 50’s esque photos like this. Back in the days where “women were women and men were men” – when a woman could make a man’s jaw drop and his pants buldge without exposing [...]

Anal Activities

[ Just finished this one for Lovedreamer - sorry it's not very funny/entertaining, there was just too much information to "cram in there" ^_~ ]
Many people around the world enjoy anal sex and anal play. It’s become almost a staple in many types of pornography and this is generating a lot curiosity – is anal [...]

Now That’s Art!

Can you find all 6 sex toys in this version of Renoir’s Luncheon of the Boating Party ?

A Prize to the First Person who finds them all ^_^

Add Inches to Your Self Esteem

[Another article for LoveDreamer - Again, I don't really feel that there are a whole lot of men who need something like this. I have even read testimonial from women, saying that they didn't really feel much of a difference after their partner tried pumping. But if you think it will help you, go ahead [...]

Slide On A Few More Inches

[Another Lovedreamer Article. Personally I feel that very few men actually need a few more inches... but it's up to you - if you think it will help your love life, give it a try]
Penis extensions, or prosthetic penis attachments (PPA), have been around for a long time. How long? Well, the first recorded reference [...]

Dildoes II

{Voila – the revamped dildo article that i just finished for lovedreamer – mmm smell that fresh pvc!}The Dildo is one of the most famous and widely used tools of masturbation. It is a non vibrating toy/implement that is used to fill an orifice like a vagina or rectum. A Dildo is typically a shaft [...]

Rub Me The Right Way

Massage, erotic or not, can be a very important prelude to a couple’s sexual activities. When you massage someone properly you can relieve pain and tension in their muscles as well as increase their sense of wellbeing and relaxation. Massage stimulates the nerve endings in the skin which triggers the release of endorphins – the [...]