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Non-Denominational Holiday Contest!

Shay-Claus is teaming up with the people over Eden Fantasys
to bring the sexy to your sexmas!

What am I talking about?
Why a Merry Holiday Contest of course!!

Complete with prizes that will for sure jingle your bells and innuendo any other holiday references you can think of!

Prizes like what?
Good [...]

Cockblogging Wednesday 207

Well, the temperature is dropping into the below zero ranges
(if you’re American, to understand what I mean, just make up some number around 30 or whatever and picture that as a temperature)
Which means that it’s time to unpack the scarfs and mittens and toques!

Though maybe you’d like to see how Dick [...]

Toy Review - Sex A-Peel Vibe

Is that a banana in your vag or are you just… oh it is?
Well carry on then!

The Sex A-Peel Vibrator that my friends at Babeland sent me is about the size and shape of a real banana – well, a pink one.   The banana part is made of silicone and comes with a [...]

PSA from Adult Film Stars

Crazy, it’s like they read my post about how the Porn industry is in a unique position to promote safer-sex…
and then kinda half-ass it – but STILL some effort is better than no effort!

Actually, I kinda take back the half-ass part, I really like that they brought up how porn actors are tested [...]

CockBlogging Wednesday 206

Another lovely reader has come to rescue CBW with a submission,
CBW is safe for another week!

“Gday Shay, I don’t usually have problems with awkward hard ons during the day but at night!  Picture it. You’re in bed trying to get a some sleep and about 3AM you get a boner that [...]


Apropos of yesterday’s post, my friend Prospero spotted this comic:


Where's the Most Awkward Place You've Been Turned On?

“Of course, everyone… or mostly everyone, knows that guys can get boners at the oddest times. Sometimes it’s merely a stray thought, other times, it’s nothing at all, and suddenly there’s a boner to worry about, often in a public place.

Guys have to worry about that on occasion, but do girls have anything that compares? [...]

Cockblogging Wednesday 205

Five Internet points to the first person to identify the plant this week’s submitter is hiding behind.
And a 100 Internet points to the first person who figures out how it (VERY abstractly) relates to the lecture slides I was just making about audition.

Eleventy Hundred points to anyone else who sends me [...]

Porn Can be a Bit of an Ethical Grey Area

“Hello there,

Like a lot of men, and an increasing number of women, I like porn.  Hentai is great, and so is the live action stuff. However, lately I find myself being more responsible for what I consume. I don’t spend any money, but a page view still generates advertising revenue, which means now [...]

Toy Review - ilo Vibe!

Check out my Video Review of the Ilo Vibe from Eden Fantasys:

How do you guys like these video reviews?