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Too Sick for Sex?

“Dear Shay, i’ve got a quick n short question for you
i’ve been in a relationship for more than a year now, and we’re, of course, sexually active since the begining of our relationship
we have sex 3 to 4 times a week, and since then, i’ve never masturbated: i don’t see the need, and the quality [...]

Wacky Wrappers

I love novelty condoms, especially clever ones.

When I used to live in the Caribbean, the gift shops all used to sell condoms with a picture of two turtles (or other marine life) mounting each other, with text that read: Soon Come.
I always thought these were so funny because “soon come” is [...]

Cuntblogging Wednesday 53

We’re taking a little break here on our road to the 200th ClockbBlogging Wednesday post
because I just like to mix things up when I can with a cuntblogging post.

“I thought you might like a picture of a pussy. Im not sure how many you actualy get because women tend to [...]

No One Likes a Knock in the Junk

“Dear and beloved Shay, I was chatting with some guys yesterday and they came out with a video of girls kicking each other in the vaginas. What surprised me was how bad the girls reacted to the kicking. They just got to the floor with the face like they were heavily in pain. Just like [...]

Sex Toy Stats

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Cockblogging Wednesday 196

Okay, just pretend that it’s still Wednesday.

Hump day
Laundry Day?
No Gym Day?
Dinner out Day?

What’s unique about Wednesday for you?

I know what the answer is for this week’s submitter!
This week it’s “appear on CBW day”


“I saw that you were running really low on CBW [...]

Sexy Summer Contest Winner

a winner had to be chosen out of all those fabulously sexy entries in the Sexy Summer Contest.

So my handy dandy random number generator and I sifted through all your little stories,
and picked SARA as our winner!

Her sexy story was:
“Maybe not so unusual, but I got off in my [...]

Diary of a Futa (part 13)

Are you surprised to see another section up so soon?
Pleasantly surprised I hope.

Once again I really suggest that you skip on back to the previous section (part 12) so that you know what is going on.
In fact, you might want to read part 10 if you’d like to follow this section [...]

Cockblogging Wednesday 195

It’s a didgeridoo!!!

This week’s submitter included a great story, so I’ll just leave it to him to entertain you below.


“Gday From downunder Shay,

You said that you’re running low on submissions again. I’ve looked and can’t remember seeing any Aussies before. Unfortunately I haven’t had a [...]

Get That Out of my *Caption*!


Once again it has been WAY too long since we last played a round of the caption game – I think you guys are forgetting how to play!

So just in case, here is how you play:

First I SHOW you an interesting picture that I found while [...]