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LOLZ Do Naughty Things When Ur Not Lookin’

Cockblogging Wednesday 113

Sorry ladies (and gents), this one’s taken already.This week’s cock was sent in (with permission) by the FiancĂ©e of the cock!

(click img to get that cake topper out of the way!)

“Hi Shay – This is my boyfriend. He’d like to be an anonymous participant in CBW. Anonymous for both of us is best – [...]

Too much Stress About Porn and Virginity

Two questions from the same reader? Sure, they can go in the same post!

“Hi, I’ve been reading your column for a while now and I had a question I just couldn’t help but ask. When I was a teenager I moved to a very small and very religious town. It wasn’t soon before [...]

Product Review – G-Swirl

The G-swirl Aka. The Stubby G is packaged like an action figure: it’s a cool looking toy that comes in a cool looking box with neat accessories (a little sachet lube and the all important AA batteries). The G is a Good Vibrations specialty toy, made by fun factory – sent to me [...]

Film Fridays – Best Summer Ever

Okay I wasn’t actually going to post this video this week, since it’s not especially sexy – BUT, I did see Dark Knight last weekend and haven’t been able to stop laughing at these shorts MTV Canada has been airing:Go B & J Supersquad!

Cockblogging Wednesday 112

This week’s lovely submission comes from Erik (click img):

“Hey Shay, I’ve been reading your blog for about a year now and I love the site. I thought about doing this for a while but never got around to it. Now that there’s a shortage of cocks I decided it was time to step [...]

Multi-part Answer to a Multi-part Question

Sometimes readers just can’t resist asking a whole bunch of questions all at once!

“Dear Shay,
This is my first time writing to you for adivice/answers. I love your blog and I have a couple of questions. Well, here it goes.

Tasting yourself. perfectly safe right? I’m a guy and I have tried my pre-cum, [...]

Oral Gratification – A Do It Yourself Guide

I often get e-mails from guys wanting tips for leaning how to suck themselves off, but being able to do it really depends on three things: how long your cock is, how flexible you are, and how patient you can be.

First of all, how long you are is going to have an effect on how [...]

Product Review – the Papillon

I am a sucker for a cute looking toy, so when Babeland sent me the Papillon, I couldn’t wait to get it out of the box and try it out.

The Papillon is a sleek looking little purple vibe; it’s waterproof, it’s silky – AND when you buy one, the company donates a portion of the [...]

Film Fridays – No Excuses!

Yet another wonderful clip from Man Stroke WomanIt sucks that women are so often forced into playing the role of “gate-keepers”, but I guess someone’s got to do it.