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Green is a Very Sexy Colour

Today is Earth Day.
It’s a day to raise awareness about how we can all do our part
(even in small ways) to help preserve our planet and live healthier every day.

This past weekend I participated in the CN Tower Climb to raise money for WWF’s initiative against climate change. It was a lot of fun (and hard work – the CN Tower has over 144 flights of stairs)! But you don’t really have to work that hard to show our environment a little love while you’re loving yourself and/or a partner.

Here are a few tips to make your sex life a little greener:

1. Turn out the lights. This year I participated in Earth Hour by tunning off as much of the electricity on my apartment as I could for one hour – actually, I ended up leaving my lights, computer, and TV off for the whole evening! But you don’t have to reserve this power saving for just one night a year – you can do it once a week (or more)! Even if you don’t have a romantic partner to share the night with, turn the lights out, light a few soy candles and treat yourself to a nice candle-lit meal followed by an extended session of naked play. I’m quite sure that you’ll find it quite… stimulating. ^_~

2. On that note, now that the weather is finally getting warmer for my fellow Canadians, many of us are starting to think about getting our air-conditioners out of storage. Rather than turning up your air-conditioner (you really shouldn’t turn it lower than 25*C anyway), turn it off and take this warm opportunity to wear less around the house; enjoy admiring your body in less layers than usual. Then set up a fan and see if you can really generate some heat with a partner or favourite toy. To me, it’s more exciting when you can get sweaty, besides air conditioners can dry up a woman’s natural lube.

3. Speaking of lube, you might want to consider switching to a more ecologically friendly lube, there’s lots out there.

4. Many of us could also stand to be more ecologically friendly with our toys. Do a quick search in your area to find out where you can recycle your spent batteries, or opt to use rechargeables.

5. When the motor in your vibrating toys does finally give out, don’t forget to drop it in the recycling bin if it’s mostly made out of plastic. If you live in the UK, do take advantage of LoveHoney’s rabbit amnesty program. Those of us in North America can use THIS sex toy recycling program (I think, they haven’t really gotten back to me yet though).

6. While you’re at it, maybe you’ll want to check out getting yourself some more sustainable sex toys as replacements. Glass toys are better for you AND for the environment because their production is relatively non-toxic AND they are fully recyclable. A properly made wood toy made from sustainable organic wood might also be a good idea because it’s not going to leak any toxic phthalates and is biodegradable. [P.S. if you already have a toy made from silicone or pvc plastic, always use a condom when you play with it, this will help protect you from the chemicals used to make it squishy.]

7. Of course, instead of worrying about where to recycle your toys when they break down, you could just try to repair them yourself.

8. Of course, you can also find ways to use items in your house as sex toys. Remember this post about making your own sex toys? A nice firm cucumber makes a great dildo and can be peeled and eaten afterward – now that sounds like an ecologically friendly sex toy to me!

9. Rather than buying DVDs of porn, download or rent your porn online.

10. Use hemp rope for your bondage play rather than nylon (which emits green house gas).

There you have it!
Have a very sexy Earth Day everyone!

6 comments to Green is a Very Sexy Colour

  • Cap'n H

    Dunno where my love life would be without good ol’ Shay’s marvy advice. A sexy Earth Day to you too, gorgeous. Should your travels ever take you to the land of the saguaro, you know what to do (and so does my other half!)

  • Anonymous

    Toys made out of 100% silicone are non-toxic. They are chemically inert.

  • Martin J Frid

    Hi Shay, I’m a fan. You are sooo cool. No need for AC.

  • Old Bogus

    “Then set up a fan and see if you can really generate some heat with a partner or favourite toy.” My wife heats our house with hot flashes and sometimes runs out and melts snow! In summer she creates thermals to generate thunderstorms!

    “A nice firm cucumber makes a great dildo and can be peeled and eaten afterwards”. Nothing beats a preflavored salad ingredient! And a cooperative partner can add “homemade dressing”!

  • Shay

    Haha thanks Cap’n!

    Anon – maybe if they are 100% silicone, but they’re usually mixed with other things.

    Martin – hehe thanks ^_^

    OB – okay gross. It’s not going to be pre-flavoured if you wash and peel it and cum in a salad would be really icky.

  • The Shy Girl

    I’ve discovered that the faithful old banana has several uses – apart from the the cliche of inserting into the vagina, a guy can successfully masturbate using the banana skin – keep the skin attached at one end of the banana, insert the cock and wank away – the inside of the banana skin provides fantastic natural lubrication and feels great (I’m told). And, as always, the fruit itself can be eaten afterwards.

    That’s what I call a real shared masturbation experience, and puts the banana to good use.

    The Shy Girl

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