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Film Friday 97 – Watch Your Language!

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I spotted this vid last week and then totally forgot about it last Friday when I was picking something to post!

I love love LOVE the porn star’s statement!

14 comments to Film Friday 97 – Watch Your Language!

  • A Nawty Mouz


    Wait, oh sorry, that was racist to laugh at this. I’m sorry, this is a serious issue.

    So, is she fucked that she’s not fucked? Or, fucked that she is?

    She should plead temporary insanity and wasn’t fucking responsible while her brains were being fucked out doggy-style by a large Afro-American cock.

    And, how did that outburst get by the director, the editor, and the studio censors! They should be held responsible as well for allowing that to be released from their hands.

    The studio was cowardly in disavowing her offensive slur and not taking responsibility for the hard fucking that caused her to make the racial outburst. They need to take corrective action to ensure that their actresses and actors are not so heavily stressed during vigorous fucking that they lose their verbal control.

    And, what about the nice Afro-American man? He should’ve pulled out and made a stand right then in solidarity for all of the oppressed cocks of the world. “No cock for the oppressor cunts!” It’s a hard fight, but with firm solidarity we can penetrate the wall of oppression that surrounds us!
    But, in the end, can’t we all just forgive each other and fuck each other together in every hole without prejudice, in peace and harmony.

    Or, is that too fucking much to ask?

    Big Hugs and Blessings,

    PS: Now, if we can be religiously sensitive as well as culturally sensitive while getting our brains fucked out. (No more “oh deity/deities, oh deity/deities!” and definitely no more “oh g_d, oh g_d!”, and the like.)

    PPS: Sorry was that too fucking much?

  • Sabaud

    i don’t see how the anchor at the end keeps a straight face during the triple and quadrouple gangbang line… he’s a pro, hahahahaha

  • Anonymous

    The editor for “The Onion” is the same guy who co-produced Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show” and “The Colbert Report”. THE best in-your-face satires on TV.

  • Anonymous

    Mm, maybe I should inform you guys that this is totally FAKE.

    Pretty funny though :’)

  • A Nawty Mouz

    FAKE! No!! Really? It can’t be!

    Funny, I thought really thought it looked like a real satirical video. Sigh, it’s hard to tell the fake satirical videos from the real ones anymore.

    Darn, and I thought I could really laugh about this one. I guess I’ll have to fake it now.




  • Harry


  • exile

    did you see that guys face? he was not insulted in the least, he is just waiting to see if he’ll get more money from the lawsuit or the settlement.

    1. if it really offended him he would have tossed that skinny bitch off him and cursed her out.
    2. i dont’ care how stupid you are, you dont’ have to deliberate to see if you’re insulted. you are or you are not…

  • Anonymous

    either I’m not sensing the sarcasm or exile (above) thinks this is real…. lol

  • Shay

    yeah, I think he missed the joke. It’s always sweet seeing someone new to the Onion react to a clip or story. ^_^

  • The Buisness of Pleasure

    LOL, I am black and its one of the great benifits of being black and having sex with white women that you can say stuff like
    Why else do it I mean ist so much cooler to say do you like that $@S*&^ cock…
    Cant say it to my sistas there so used to

    By all means I lie to hear\\that shit was funny

  • Gadfly

    I think that was funnier the second time I watched it.

    “I just couldn’t believe what the fucking cunt called me”


    PS: You received a meaningless honorable mention at my place ;-)

  • Shay

    awww thanks Gad! *heart*

  • A Nawty Mouz


    Oh piffle! I thought the post on my blog would show a link back here. Sigh.

    Your blog is always fun! Keep up the good work Shay!


  • Will

    The Onion, The National Lampoon, Steve Colbert, P.J. O’Rourke, Al Franken, ….

    …I LOVE SATIRE! Whether it SEX, or POLITICS!

    THanks, Shay!!

    You’re an Onion-Head after mine-own Heart!


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