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The S Spot Sexy Short Story Contest – Presenting Second Place!

There were a lot of really great entries in the sexy short story competition (18 to be precise) and it was really hard to pick a top 5. But, after a long, hard period of deliberation, my fellow judges and I are proud to announce that decisions have been made! I’ll be presenting a new finalist every week, until we finally announce the 1st place story! Thank you very much to everyone who entered! And now, with any further ado, this week’s story:

All three of the judges liked Deb’s story – it was the only vote we were unanimous on! And in recognition of her winning Second Place in this contest, she will receive a $20 gift card from our good friends at Babeland, redeemable in store and online. ^_^

For Paul

We’re facing each other. I’m kissing your neck at the jawline. One hand is on your shoulder, the other flat on your chest. I’m sliding my leg between yours, rubbing lightly against your crotch. The movement is having a nice effect on you.

I kiss your lips then move back to your neck kissing and sucking lightly along your jawline to your shirt collar. I unbutton your shirt adding a kiss to each part I uncover. At your waistband I stop to free your shirttails. I slide your shirt off, smiling as it traps your arms. I tease your nipples alternately kissing and sucking one while I rub and pinch the other. You free your arms but I slide from your grasp. I want to feel your skin on mine. I step back, slipping off my shirt and bra. I lean into you running my hands up your back, feeling my breasts and belly against your warm skin.

I lead you to the the bed to sit. I crouch down sliding my hands over your thighs, gazing at your face. I remove your shoes and socks then slide my hands back up your thighs to stand. I lean in to kiss you again, sucking lightly on your lower lip. I pull you gently to standing then kiss back downward to your pants. I kiss you again while my hands unhook your belt and pants. I push them down, letting the heel of my hands slide along your ass and the back of your thighs. I let my breast run lightly across your crotch as I rise. I slide your underwear off freeing your erect member. When I rise again I carefully avoid touching you.

I step to your left, leaning against your side. Watching your face, I rest my right hand in the small of your back and slide the left down your chest until I’m running my fingers lightly through your pubic hair. Playing, close to but not quite touching the base of your penis. I slide my right hand to caress your buttocks and suggest you get comfortable on the bed. I gather the pillows to raise your head and back. When you’re comfortable, half sitting half lying, I slide off my pants and panties. I lie draped over your left thigh resting on one elbow between your legs. I watch your reactions as I touch you and taste you.

I caress from the base of your penis to the tip while my left hand rubs your balls. I follow with my tongue. Sliding up the underside of your penis teasing where the veins are throbbing just below your skin. When I reach the tip I circle the head then suck while running my tongue against the underside. I’m watching you as I do to find and tease your most sensitive spots. I release you and slide my hand downward until it’s holding the base of your shaft firmly. I take the head in my mouth again teasing the cleft at its base and caress just behind your testicles. Watching your pleasure I notice my own with a shudder.

I’m beginning to feel teased myself. I want to feel you inside me. I suck and play until I can’t stand it any more. I release you and move to straddle you. I sink slowly onto you savoring the feeling. Rocking up and down on you slowly, steadily meeting you harder with each thrust. Your hands grasp my hips resting in the crease where they meet my legs. I let your lead me faster and harder. You widen one hand to tease me. As your thumb grazes my swollen clit I shudder, lost in the sensations pouring over me. I stretch backward gasping and moaning, coming in a series of shivers. It frees me and returns my focus to you. On how you feel moving inside me. On your face and body as you near climax. We’re moving hard now, almost violently. You come suddenly and I continue to move slowly until the tension leaves you completely. Then I lean forward to kiss you and curl up safe in the curve of your arm.

3 comments to The S Spot Sexy Short Story Contest – Presenting Second Place!

  • Deb

    I’m stunned and honored. Thanks judges! deb

  • TexGuy

    Very nice :*D

  • Anonymous

    This is super hot and sexy! i love how you emphasize the little things that can make sex so…. sexy, such as the removal of clothing. I also like the pacing of the story- how time is stretched out near the beginning, reflecting sexy anticipation, but then it speeds up towards the… climax. Two thumbs (and one penis) up!!

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