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Film Friday 81 – More Smurfs Gone Wild

Yesterday’s post reminded me of something else I found on the internets many years ago:

But I couldn’t resist also posting this vid:

“I need to smurfibate…” lol!

5 comments to Film Friday 81 – More Smurfs Gone Wild

  • Strumpet

    Smurfette, Towelie, and Buttercup all in one vid…AND lickin’ ass???

    Wow, Shay, you’ve really outdone yourself with this one.

    I bet Smurfette’s ass tastes like French Blueberry ice cream.

    And I always wanted to have a threesome with Handy, Brainy and Hefty Smurf. Tools, smarts and tatts all in one menage a trois.

    I used to have this urge to somehow make Grouchy Smurf…not so grouchy…if you know what I mean.

  • YNF

    Great Blog!

  • exile

    that made me want to smurf-erdose on smurf-iden

  • KD

    lol, i remember that vid from many yrs ago…. “papa smurf, can i lick yer azz? Yeah, lick ma ass, bitch!” LOL.

  • Snow White

    LOL These videos were too funny! Thanks so much for sharin’ them!


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